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IDRA Newsletter 1997

Published 10 times a year, the IDRA Newsletter provides resources and insight for strengthening and transforming public education to serve students from communities that have historically been underserved like Black and Latino students and students from families with limited means. We publish our newsletter in print and online with highlights in our eNews.

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Below are articles published in 1997. To find a particular article or subject this year, see the index below or use the search bar above, which covers all years.

School Improvement, Parent Involvement and Prevention

Sep 04, 1997

• by Dorothy L. Knight, MS and Joseph L. Vigil, MS • IDRA Newsletter • September 1997 Community action as a means of … read more

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STAR Center Parent Involvement Activities

Sep 03, 1997

• by Pam McCollum, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • September 1997 One of the STAR Center’s priority areas is parent, family and community … read more

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Two Innovative El Paso Schools Bring Together Teachers and the Community

Sep 02, 1997

• by Pam McCollum, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • September 1997 In 1993, IDRA received funds from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to … read more

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Thinking About Learning: The Community and Academic Standards

Sep 01, 1997

• by Oanh H. Maroney and Aurelio M. Montemayor, M.Ed. • IDRA Newsletter • September 1997 Educating our children requires active involvement from … read more

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Policies Affecting Bilingual Education and ESL Programs

Aug 05, 1997

• by Elisa de León Gutiérrez • IDRA Newsletter • August 1997 In the past 30 years there have been many influences affecting … read more

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Equal Access: Mask of Discrimination

Aug 04, 1997

• by Oscar M. Cárdenas • IDRA Newsletter • August 1997 It is the first day of the 1997-1998 school year in the … read more

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Hispanic Dropouts: Addressing the Leak in the Pipeline to Higher Education

Aug 03, 1997

• by María Robledo Montecel, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • August 1997 Editor’s Note: In June, IDRA submitted testimony to the U.S. House … read more

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Sexual Harassment Policies and Schools

Aug 02, 1997

• by María Aurora Yánez-Pérez, M.A. • IDRA Newsletter • August 1997 Sexual harassment in schools, as in the workplace, has definitely taken … read more

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Texas Legislature Considers Much for Education, Accomplishes Little

Aug 01, 1997

• by Albert Cortez, Ph.D. and Anna Alicia Romero • IDRA Newsletter • August 1997 The Texas legislative session that ended in the … read more

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Whatever it Takes!

Jun 04, 1997

• by Joseph F. Johnson, Jr., Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • June- July 1997 I will never forget our principal, Bernadine Hawthorne, as … read more

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Low Income Does Not Cause Low School Achievement: Creating a Sense of Family and Respect in the School Environment

Jun 03, 1997

• by Anita Tijerina Revilla, MA, and Yvette De La Garza Sweeney • IDRA Newsletter • June- July 1997 Current research on the … read more

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High Poverty, High Performing High Hope!

Jun 02, 1997

• by Hilaria Bauer, MA • IDRA Newsletter • June- July 1997 Traditionally, poor students have been deprived of academically challenging opportunities. One … read more

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Principal of National Blue Ribbon School Says High Poverty Schools Can Excel

Jun 01, 1997

• IDRA Newsletter • June- July 1997 Editor’s note: Mary Hull Elementary School in San Antonio is one of 262 schools … read more

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Technology in Education: Time to Face the Monster

May 07, 1997

• by Josue M. Gonzalez, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • May 1997 Educators in the United States are in a love-hate relationship with … read more

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A Checklist for Successful Distance Learning

May 06, 1997

• by Charles A. Cavazos • IDRA Newsletter • May 1997 Recently I repaired an office computer with the assistance of a technician. … read more

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China and the New Technology

May 04, 1997

• by José A. Cárdenas, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • May 1997 In 1983 I wrote a series of articles expressing my concern … read more

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Schools in the Information Society: Make Children Central

May 03, 1997

• by Felix Montes, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • May 1997 Although schools have been able to remain relatively unaffected throughout most of … read more

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Using the Internet for Policy Information

May 02, 1997

• IDRA Newsletter • May 1997 For educators, part of keeping up-to-date with the fast-paced and ever changing world of legislative … read more

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Cruising the Web with English Language Learners

May 01, 1997

• by Laura Chris Green, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • May 1997 Although creative teachers have always accomplished wonders with their students using … read more

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Ethical and Other Considerations on Theory and Practice in Bilingual Student Teaching Seminars

Apr 04, 1997

• by Olga G. Rubio, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • April 1997 For the past four years I have been preparing bilingual teachers … read more

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