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IDRA Newsletter 1997

Published 10 times a year, the IDRA Newsletter provides resources and insight for strengthening and transforming public education to serve students from communities that have historically been underserved like Black and Latino students and students from families with limited means. We publish our newsletter in print and online with highlights in our eNews.

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Below are articles published in 1997. To find a particular article or subject this year, see the index below or use the search bar above, which covers all years.

Questions and Examples for Technology in Schools

Apr 03, 1997

• by Joseph L. Vigil, MS • IDRA Newsletter • April 1997 School administrators, educators, parents, prospective employers and students are seeing the … read more

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Los Regalos del Cuento: Accelerating Biliteracy with FLAIR

Apr 02, 1997

• by Juanita C. García, MA • IDRA Newsletter • April 1997 Recently I taught some reading lessons to a group of Hispanic … read more

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Would You Read Me a Story?: In Search of Reading Strategies that Work for the Early Childhood Classroom

Apr 01, 1997

• by Hilaria Bauer, MA • IDRA Newsletter • April 1997 In his latest State of the Union Address, President Clinton proclaimed, “Every … read more

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Analysis of Educational Equity: Community Seeks Direction for Diversity

Mar 07, 1997

• by María Robledo Montecel, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • March 1997 The City Council of Farmers Branch and the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent … read more

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School Finance Reform and Intra-District Equity: An Excerpt

Mar 06, 1997

• by José A. Cárdenas, Ed.D. • IDRA Newsletter • March 1997 Editor’s Note: The following is excerpted from “The Status and Future … read more

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Coordinating Resources For Improved Achievement

Mar 05, 1997

• by Joseph F. Johnson, Jr. Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • March 1997 A teacher sighs in frustration as another group of students … read more

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Redesigning Federal Programs to Strengthen School’s Effectiveness

Mar 04, 1997

• by Dr. Gerald N. Tirozzi  • IDRA Newsletter • March 1997 As the assistant secretary for the U.S. Department of Education’s Office … read more

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Equal Access to Quality School Facilities

Mar 03, 1997

• by Roy Johnson, MA  • IDRA Newsletter • March 1997 In our nation’s schools today, teachers and students find themselves daily in … read more

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Property Tax Relief, Tax Equity and Funding Equalization

Mar 02, 1997

• by Albert Cortez, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • March 1997 In January, the governor of Texas announced his long awaited program to … read more

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A Successful Coordination of Funds and Programs Approach: Four Dimensions of the School Restructuring Process

Mar 01, 1997

• by Abelardo Villarreal, Ph.D. and Oanh H. Maroney  • IDRA Newsletter • March 1997 Federal education programs make it possible for local … read more

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The Analogy of the Amoeba

Feb 04, 1997

• by José A. Cárdenas, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • February 1997 I have been a professional educator since 1950, when I received … read more

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Equity and Excellence: Current Issues in the 75th Texas Legislative Session

Feb 03, 1997

• by Albert Cortez, Ph.D. and Anna Alicia Romero  • IDRA Newsletter • February 1997 In January, the Texas legislature began its 75th … read more

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Criteria for Diversity: THECB’s Advisory Committee Suggests New Criteria

Feb 02, 1997

• by Albert Cortez, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • February 1997 Achieving greater diversity within the student enrollment at colleges and universities has … read more

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A Measuring Stick for Standards and TEKS: Meeting the Needs of Second Language Learners

Feb 01, 1997

• by Laura Chris Green, Ph.D. and Adela Solis, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • February 1997 Educational reform initiatives in the 1990s have … read more

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Dr. Arturo Madrid Receives Prestigious NEH Award

Jan 05, 1997

• IDRA Newsletter • January 1997 Dr. Arturo Madrid received the Charles Frankel Prize presented by President Bill Clinton in a … read more

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The Whole School, The Whole Child

Jan 04, 1997

• by Elfida Gutierrez • IDRA Newsletter • January 1997 Editor’s Note: The following is excerpted from an interview of Mrs. Elfida Gutierrez, … read more

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IDRA’s Project FLAIR: Professional Development Model Addresses Literacy Development from a Schoolwide PerspectiveAIR

Jan 03, 1997

• by Rogelio López del Bosque, Ed.D. • IDRA Newsletter • January 1997 Schoolwide programs focus on the needs of students in high-poverty … read more

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A Different Kind of Will: Educational Equity and the School Reform Movement

Jan 02, 1997

• by Bradley Scott, MA • IDRA Newsletter • January 1997 This country is in a time of great change and flux. Nowhere … read more

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Schoolwide Projects: A Challenge for Administrators on Campuses with LEP Students

Jan 01, 1997

• by Abelardo Villarreal, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • January 1997 On a healthy body, a simple band-aid will help the healing of … read more

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Declaration: Children First

Mar 01, 1995

• IDRA Newsletter • March 1995 In January of 1995, to the dismay of poor school districts in Texas and of … read more

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