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September 2022 issue of the IDRA Newsletter – This issue’s focus: Student Voice for the New School Year

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LGBTQ+ Inclusive Education is Not Dangerous, Nor is it a Difficult Feat, by Manav Lund, High School Senior

School Support Systems Help Students Succeed, by Shreya Selvaraju, High School Junior

Policing Students Through Dress Codes Needs to Stop, by Ryan Cyrus, High School Senior

Equip Schools to Support Student Mental Health, by Tatiana Martínez Alvarez, High School Junior

Mexican American Studies is American History, by Josué Peralta de Jesús, High School Senior

School Safety Requires Listening, by Hawaii Guerin, High School Senior

We Need a Well-Rounded Education – An Open Letter to Lawmakers, by Kennedy Moore, High School Senior

Dress Codes: A Racist, Sexist History and Why They Must be Changed, by Adam Shelburn, High School Junior

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Meet all the members of our 2022 Youth Advisory Board

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