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Welcoming Immigrant Students in School – Infographic

As schools are registering students for the next school year, IDRA is releasing this new infographic as a reminder that … read more

Corporal Punishment is Violence Against Children – Infographic

In 21 states, teachers are allowed to spank, paddle, slap, hit or use other physical force against students. See our … read more

Texas Schools Need Funds to Serve Students – Infographic

Despite five decades of walkouts, advocacy, litigation, research, advocacy and state leadership promises, some Texas students are still considered more … read more

5 Reasons Private School Vouchers Would Hurt Students – Infographic

IDRA knows that the best way to improve public schools is to invest in public education. This infographic outlines five … read more

STEM Education Trends – Infographic

There is a disconnect between taking STEM courses in high school and pursuing related college majors. Males and females are both … read more

Computer Science = Problem Solving – Infographic

Computer science is about logic, problem-solving, and creativity. It teaches students how to think differently about problems they are trying … read more

5 Data Snacks on IDRA’s Policy Priorities for 2023 – Infographic

It is the job of the State of Texas to provide an excellent, equitable education for all students. To do … read more

Digital Landscape – Infographic

Digital equity is critical to student success in school and beyond. Schools can support students and their families in accessing … read more

Parent Leadership in Education Model – Infographic

IDRA’s goal is bigger than parent involvement in education; rather it is parent leadership. This model is a vision of … read more