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6 Policies and Practices that Lead to Higher Dropout Rates – Infographic

IDRA identified six school policies that lead to higher dropout rates as outlined this infographic: Exclusionary Discipline In-grade Retention Low … read more

Corporal Punishment is Violence Against Children – Infographic

In nearly 19 states, teachers are allowed to spank, paddle, slap, hit or use other physical force against students. See … read more

Math & College Readiness – Infographic

While AP courses are a strong indicator of college readiness, the most reported and greatest indicator is completion of algebra … read more

Ethnic Studies Can be Life-Changing – Infographic

Ethnic studies courses provide students many benefits, from social-emotional learning to college, career and community readiness. This infographic flair outlines … read more

How to Hold a Virtual Town Hall – Infographic

A huge part of advocacy is gathering people together to rally around an issue or cause. Town halls are a … read more

Celebrating Emergent Bilingual Students – Infographic

The Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 2066, a significant advancement in bilingual education. Texas will replace the terms “English learner” … read more

Public School Attrition Rate in Texas Reaches Historic Low – Texas Public School Attrition Study 2019-20 – Infographic

Texas public schools are losing one out of five students. Each fall, IDRA releases its attrition study. Attrition rates are … read more

8 Elements of PBL Lessons – Infographic

This infographic will guide you through all the elements of a PBL environment. See how IDRA can work with your … read more

Top 10 Percent Plan Expands College Access Across Texas – Infographic 2021

The Texas Top Ten Percent Plan has opened the doors of Texas’ public universities to low-income students, rural communities and … read more