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Chief Science Officers Program

International CSO Program Comes to Texas

IDRA and the Alamo STEM Ecosystem launched the Chief Science Officers program in San Antonio in 2019 and will expand across Texas. The program empowers middle and high school students to enrich school STEM culture and career awareness by bringing STEM/STEAM*-related opportunities to their schools and local communities.

Following a pilot period during the 2018-19 school year, more than 80 Chief Science Officers for 2019-20 have been selected or elected by their peers to serve as liaisons for STEM in their schools and in their communities.

On June 18, 2019, IDRA held a public launch event at the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology (SAMSAT). See IDRA Launches Chief Science Officer ™ Program in Texas.

See article by San Antonio’s first CSOs: Building a STEM Identity through the Chief Science Officer Program, by Lexis Ratto & Kelly O’Kane, August 2019

Hear our Classnotes Podcast episode: Student Voice – Chief Science Officer International Program – Podcast Episode 193

The Leadership Training Institute for Chief Science Officers in San Antonio took place September 26-27, 2019.

About the Program

The realization that kids need a voice in STEM sparked a powerful idea to put students at the center of STEM advocacy, student experience, and community action. The CSO program was initiated in 2015 by Arizona-based SciTech Institute and brought to San Antonio in 2018 by the Alamo STEM Ecosystem, a member of the International STEM Learning Ecosystem. The program now exists in countries from Kuwait to Mexico. CSOs in Texas will form a statewide “cabinet” to connect with peers across the state, nation and globe.

Our goals are to:

  • Create a pipeline of diverse STEM leaders
  • Increase communication and collaboration among CSOs
  • Enrich school STEM culture and career awareness
  • Increase student voice in STEM conversations in the community

CSOs are:

  • 6th to 12th graders
  • Elected by their peers
  • Interested in STEM, innovation and leadership
  • Passionate to impact their school & community

Active CSOs:

  • Participate in the annual CSO Leadership Training Institute
  • Attend at least two CSO cabinet meetings
  • Complete a STEM action plan for their school or community
  • Regularly connect online with the international community of CSOs
  • Serve as the STEM ambassador for their school and community
  • Interact with some of the 300+ STEM mentors