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Texas Chief Science Officers Program

Elevating the voices of students in STEM

CSOs are students in grades 6-12 elected by their peers to be liaisons for STEM in their schools and communities. They learn leadership skills to implement on-campus projects and advocate for student voice in STEM.

With CSOs, you can…

  • Create a pipeline of diverse STEM leaders
  • Increase communication and collaboration among CSOs
  • Enrich school STEM culture and career awareness
  • Increase student voice in STEM conversations in the community

Every CSO gets to experience…

  • Leadership Training Institute teaches networking, leadership development, verbal and written communication, and team building.
  • Cabinet Meetings and Community Events guide collaboration with business and civic leaders to address community challenges, improve communication and confidence, and share common experiences.
  • Mentorship training opportunities with STEM professionals – vetted regional leaders who help CSOs implement their ideas on campus and express their voice in the community.

See the Texas CSO program flier (pdf).

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  • On June 18, 2019, IDRA held a public launch event at the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology (SAMSAT).

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