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MAS for All – Student Researchers Explore the State of Mexican American Studies

MAS For AllIDRA is supporting a team of high school students studying the state of Mexican American Studies in their area schools. The MAS for All youth participatory action research project is study by students from the Mexican American Studies Student Association (MASSA) at Marshall High School in San Antonio’s Northside ISD. MASSA is an independent student organization that advocates and recruits students to take Mexican American Studies classes.

MAS for All students with AMM

The students are investigating the status of MAS their school district, targeting teachers and students currently participating in MAS. IDRA is providing the student researchers with training in the basics of survey research, delving specifically into community-based research, basic data collection, and quantitative and qualitative research methods. The students will present specific recommendations to support the continuation, extension, and expansion of MAS courses.

This project is funded by the National Center for Youth Law (NYCL). The managers and trainers at IDRA are Aurelio M. Montemayor, M.Ed. (, and Christina Quintanilla-Muñoz, M.Ed. (

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