Charles A. Cavazos


Charles A. Cavazos served as an IDRA education associate and data analyst through 2022 and is now an IDRA consultant.  He has a bachelor’s degree in English from Trinity University in San Antonio. Cavazos designs evaluation instruments and databases and performs statistical analysis for the various studies conducted by IDRA. He also maintains computer hardware, coordinates software acquisition and conducts staff training.

Examples of his work include managing IDRA’s annual attrition study analysis, including acquisition of data, creating data dictionary, writing and maintaining SPSS syntax files to match data files, aggregate data files, calculate attrition rates by district, county, region and state, printing results in readable format. He manages IDRA’s Valued Youth Partnership* program data and analysis, including acquisition of data, creating data dictionaries, writing and maintaining SPSS syntax files to monitor completeness of data, match data files, calculate statistics, and format output for reports by campus and district.

Cavazos also manages IDRA documentation of services for projects, including district and agency names, participant demographics and roles, service topics and professional development staff insights. He produces quarterly, end-of-year and end-of-project summaries. He further manages IDRA documentation of evaluation of services delivered, including development of instruments, data entry, data verification, writing and maintaining SPSS syntax to calculate statistics, and formating output for reports of professional development sessions.

*formerly named the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program