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Joanna D. Sánchez, Ph.D.

Joanna D. Sánchez, Ph.D., is IDRA’s senior policy researcher. In this role, she collaborates with the policy and research teams … read more

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Dr. Nilka Avilés

Nilka Avilés, Ed.D., is an IDRA senior education associate focusing on teacher professional development in college readiness and science, particularly, … read more

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Hector Bojorquez

Hector Bojorquez is IDRA’s Director of Operations and Educational Practice, overseeing IDRA’s numerous projects that provide training and technical assistance … read more

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Linda Cantu, Ph.D.

Linda Cantu, Ph.D., is an IDRA senior education associate. Dr. Cantu directs the Valued Youth Partnership program, a groundbreaking dropout prevention … read more

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Michelle Castillo, Ed.M.

Michelle Castillo, Ed.M., is IDRA’s Deputy Director of Advocacy. Before joining the IDRA team, she was the Chief of Staff … read more

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Charles A. Cavazos

Charles A. Cavazos is an IDRA education associate and data analyst. He has a bachelor’s degree in English from Trinity … read more

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Morgan Craven, J.D.

Morgan Craven, J.D., is IDRA’s National Director of Policy, Advocacy and Community Engagement. She supports the integration and coordination of … read more

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Janie Daywood

Janie Daywood has served at IDRA for almost three decades. Currently, she supports IDRA staff with travel arrangements, education news … read more

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Paige Duggins-Clay, J.D.

Meet Paige Duggins-Clay, J.D., IDRA’s Chief Legal Analyst. She will coordinate IDRA’s legal research and strategy, expert testimony, and amicus … read more

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Reymundo Flores, MBA, CPA

Reymundo R. Flores, MBA, CPA is the IDRA business office manager and has served in this capacity since 1989. He … read more

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