Educator and Student Support

Chapter 3: Digital Literacy & Misinformation

In today’s ever-changing technological world, it is essential that students understand how to navigate the Internet successfully. Digital literacy, otherwise known as is the ability to navigate various digital platforms and understand, assess and communicate through them, is a skill students need to help them combat things like misinformation. Teaching students to be media-wise and search for credible information is a 21st century tool that will benefit their digital skills. This third chapter of the IDRA Digital Equity – Online Technical Assistance Toolkit gives school leaders resources and tools to help students and educators understand the importance of navigating the digital world.

Learning for Justice – Digital LiteracyLearning for Justice’s framework on digital literacy will provide you with lesson plans from K-12 with various activities your educators can use to help students navigate the Internet.

North Star – Digital Literacy AssessmentNorth Star’s Digital Literacy Assessment is a helpful resource for students, teachers, and school leaders to use when assessing their digital literacy needs. The assessments come packed with information from basic computer skills to learning about high-level processing tools.

EdTech Center @ World Education – Digital Skills LibraryEdTech Center’s Digital Skills Library host a bevy of online crowd-sourced resources curated by digital skills technology professionals. From communication to privacy and security, this website is updated with helpful guidance.