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Our nation needs many more students to attend college and graduate, but several things are getting in the way, particularly for marginalized students. Among those who do get in, many are unable to finish. We need our children to be successful in school. We need them to graduate and have options to either attend college or join the workforce.

This IDRA College Preparation – Online Technical Assistance Toolkit provides a resource that outlines research on the connection between math course-taking and college preparation, on-demand webinars, articles and podcast episodes as tools for college preparation structures in schools and districts.

Annotated Bibliography – Mathematics, Course Requirements and the Relationship to College Preparation and Success

This resource outlines research on the connection between math course-taking and college preparation.

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College Readiness for All in the Pandemic Era – Webinar

College readiness and success is important for all students and should not fall by the wayside because of concerns over...

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Contagious College-Going Culture in Elementary School – Video

Often, the question posed to students is: Are you going to college? But at Rebecca Sánchez’s school, the question is:...

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College Readiness – Preparation for Underserved Students of Color – Webinar

This webinar highlights the challenges schools and districts face in expanding college access and ensuring college readiness, and it will...

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Math & College Readiness – Infographic

While AP courses are a strong indicator of college readiness, the most reported and greatest indicator is completion of algebra...

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Featured IDRA Newsletter Articles on College Readiness

Training Kit: Career Awareness for College Planning Getting it Just Right! – Rigor and College Prep for All Three Guiding...

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Featured Classnotes Podcast Episodes on College Readiness

College Readiness Competencies – June 3, 2014 A Principal on Supporting Teachers for Student College Readiness – September 6, 2013...

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