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LGBTQ+ Equity Assistance

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Students have a right to be safe in school and to have the support of educators to learn and grow toward their potential. But LGBTQ+ students face attacks and discrimination daily in our schools.

This IDRA LGBTQ+ Equity – Online Technical Assistance Toolkit provides contextual data and action steps for school leaders and teachers to ensure schools are safe places for LGBTQ+ students to learn free from bias and discrimination.

LGBTQ+ Students and Schools – Building Spaces of Belonging

The purpose of this publication is to center asset-based humanization. This document includes a broad review of LGBTQ+ civil rights...

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From Conversation to Action: Strategies for Creating Affirming LGBTQIA+ School Spaces – Webinar

From incorporating representative curricula in our classrooms, to understanding the rights of queer communities, and implementing inclusive policies, this interactive...

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Queer Students and Schools: Building Spaces of Belonging – Webinar

This session supports educators and school leaders in creating and sustaining initiatives that can help queer students thrive year-round.

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Ensuring a Safe and Inclusive School Environment for LGBTQ Students – Webinar

Hear from presenters as they share diverse perspectives and strategies on how to create safe and positive school environments to...

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Featured Infographics on LGBTQ+ Equity

Infographic: School Climate Affects LGBTQ Student Well-being, IDRA Get The Facts About Trans Youth, Movement Advance Project, Biden Foundation &...

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Featured Classnotes Podcasts on LGBTQ+ Equity

3 Ways to Make Schools Safe for LGBTQ Students – Classnotes Podcast #189 Teacher Responsibilities in Supporting LGBTQ Students –...

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Featured IDRA Newsletter Articleson LGBTQ+ Equity

Making Schools Safe Learning Havens for LGBTQ Students Equity and Justice for LGBTQ Students – Teacher Responsibilities This resource is...

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