Educator and Student Support

School Discipline Equity Assistance

Schools should be spaces where students feel safe and welcome, actively engage with learning, and strive for success.

Unfortunately, ineffective discipline practices that punish students harshly and take them away from the classroom – like suspensions, alternative school placements, corporal punishment, referrals to law enforcement, and expulsions – are prevalent in U.S. schools.

When such actions disproportionately impact or target certain student populations, they could constitute a violation of students’ civil rights.

This IDRA School Discipline – Online Technical Assistance Toolkit is designed to help school leaders and educators identify ways to proactively build safe and trusting communities and end their reliance on approaches to discipline that are harmful to students.

Literature Review – School Discipline

Student discipline practices have a significant impact on the lives and academic careers of all students, in large part due...

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School Discipline Policy and Practice Resources – eBook

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