Valued Youth Partnership

Alondra Holguín – 2024 Third Place High School Reflection Winner

Alondra Holguin Alondra Holguín

11th Grade, Odessa High School, Odessa, Texas

IDRA Valued Youth Partnership

IDRA VYP has changed me as a student. It changed the way I think about my future, the way I talk to people, etc. I have struggled so much for the past couple years of high school, and I never had a class that actually brings me so much joy.

When I met Ms. Granado, I knew she was going to be the teacher I could look up to, and she is. She brings so much joy even when I’m having so many hard days. That has completely changed me.

Every time someone mentions IDRA, I think about all the joy it has brought to me, and how excited I get just to go to school because I get to see my teacher and my little tutees. I think about how I teach little kids. I helped them learn how to add, subtract, multiply, etc., and I did that. Who knows what else I can do!

I absolutely love how I can change someone’s life just by teaching them, laughing with them, and making them feel better. It brings me so much joy. I would definitely recommend it to anyone I know, and I do because these kids are so amazing and so smart.

Tutoring can be a bit hard sometimes because there’s things I didn’t learn as a kid, but I also learn new things even as a junior. I get surprised at how much just a first grader learns. It also helps me learn with them. It’s funny, they know more than me. Sometimes they even teach me, and that’s okay too. It makes me realize they do know how to do things without my help, and it makes me so proud of them. My little tutees are so amazing and smart. I really wish I could teach them again for my last year next year.

Tutoring, to me, means to change someone for the better. As a child who has struggled with all the subjects, even now, I’m so glad I got a tutee. It helped me understand everything so easily, and they explained it way better than an actual class. Ever since I started tutoring, I’ve seen so much progress in these kids. I can see how fast they finish their work now even without my help. When I get there, they’re already halfway done. I can’t say this enough, but I am so proud of them, so incredibly proud.

Ever since I became a tutor, I have done all my work in class. There are times I don’t even get homework. I get excited just to come to school. I would always hate coming, but I always tell myself now I can go, and I can do it. I tell myself I have to help my little tutees. Tutors can’t leave them alone. I love my classes now. For you to be able to go to trips, do activities, and stay in this program, you have to pass your own classes. My teacher said, “How are you going to teach kids when you’re not even passing your classes?” It might sound harsh, but she’s absolutely right. And that has stuck to me, because now that I’m passing my classes, I get to do fun activities. I love it. I love this program, my teacher, and my little tutees. I recommend this class to everyone.

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The IDRA Valued Youth Partnership is a research-based cross-age tutoring program. According to the Valued Youth creed, all students are valuable, none is expendable. The lives of more than 737,000 students, families and educators have been positively impacted by the program.