Valued Youth Partnership

Getting Started at Your School

How do schools move from having a dropout rate that raises concern to having a successful dropout prevention and youth leadership program? The Valued Youth Partnership offers one possibility. The program can be readily replicated, it has been tested and proven, and IDRA offers training and technical assistance to support its accomplishment. The role of the schools, however, is irreplaceable. For the program to succeed, the schools must make the program their own, accepting it as part of the system, giving it the weight of their approval and support, and stamping it with their own unique identity.

School districts utilize the following funding sources to implement the Valued Youth Partnership in their schools: federal funds such as Title I and Title II, Title III, State Compensatory and Migrant Funds. Often schools form school business partnerships with businesses and local civic groups to secure funds.

In Texas, the State Board of Education approved the Valued Youth Partnership as an innovative course eligible for elective credit at the high school level. Students participating in the program can earn one state credit for their participation in this course. Contact TEA at 512-463-9581 for details.

“The program helped me become more responsible at home. I help my mother, and our relationship has gotten a lot better.”

– middle school tutor

Supporting the program at the district level; In broadest terms, the role of the schools in the Valued Youth Partnership includes:

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Let the Valued Youth Partnership touch the lives of students, parents and educators in your district.

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*formerly named the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program