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IDRA Anniversary – Across the Decades – 1980s

The 1980s finds a “nation at risk” with global unrest, health hazards and a move from equity to excellence…

IDRA leads the way with landmark studies and solutions.


Left column images

A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform, 1983 report of President Reagan’s National Commission on Excellence in Education.

Nancy Reagan at a “Just Say No” rally at the White House in 1986. Wikipedia photo

This television commercial, first aired during Super Bowl XVIII, launched the original Macintosh. Wikipedia photo

1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. Wikipedia photo

Stage view of Live Aid concert at Philadelphia’s JFK Stadium in the United States in 1985. The concert was a major global international effort by musicians and activists to sponsor action to send aid to the people of Ethiopia who were suffering from a major famine. Wikipedia photo

“Tank Man” temporarily stops the advance of a column of tanks on June 5, 1989, in Beijing. This photograph (one of four similar versions) was taken by Jeff Widener of the Associated Press.

“Boycott Apartheid” demonstration. Joint Advocacy Initiative photo

The space shuttle Challenger disintegrates on January 28, 1986. Wikipedia photo

The Space Shuttle Columbia seconds after engine ignition, 1981. Wikipedia photo

Right column images
Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program event, IDRA.

IDRA file photo.

Texas School Dropout Survey Project: A Summary of Findings. IDRA, 1986

Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program tutoring, IDRA.

IDRA file photo.

Pausing during the busy conference at the Ford Foundation Urban Dropout Prevention Collaboratives in San Antonio are (l-r) Aurelio M. Montemayor, Dr. María del Refugio Robledo, Dr. Edward J. Meade, Jr., and IDRA Executive Director Dr. José A. Cárdenas. (IDRA Newsletter, June 1988).

State Senator Carlos Truan, Corpus Christi, is interviewed during the hearings on the proposed Lau regulations by Marta Tijerina of KWEX-TV, San Antonio. (IDRA Newsletter, October 1980).

IDRA study of Hispanic dropouts in Dallas ISD: The Answer: Valuing Youth in Schools and Families – A Report on the Hispanic Dropouts in the Dallas Independent School District. IDRA, 1989

School finance ruling headline. San Antonio Light.

Pictured left: Mrs. Laura Cárdenas is introduced to Secretary of Education Shirley Hufstedler at a reception held in her honor at IDRA on September 8. Standing with Mrs. Cárdenas are (l-r): James Lehmann, superintendent of Eagle Pass ISD and IDRA board member; Dr. Albar Peña, professor with the division of bicultural/bilingual studies, UTSA; and Mary Turk, supervisor with Northside ISD, San Antonio. (IDRA Newsletter, October 1980).

Dr. Henry Williams, professor of education at the University of Houston – Clear Lake, addresses participants at the IDRA’s Commemorative Summit Conference, “The Brown Decision in Retrospect, Introspect, Prospect.” (IDRA Newsletter, July 1980).