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Impact Report 2019-2020

IDRA Annual Report 2019 and 2020The Power of Voice and Action – Accelerating the Promise

During 2019 and 2020, IDRA analyzed data and conducted research to inform school improvement strategies across the U.S. South and to spark significant investment in distressed community schools. We built pipelines of leadership in school districts and coached principals to lead from a social justice mindset. We launched programs to open doors to STEM courses and careers for students.

As COVID-19 materialized, IDRA played a crucial role in supporting schools, districts and educators as they shifted to student learning from a distance. We immediately responded by developing resources for educators and families so learning could go on in an equitable manner. During a period of great disconnection, we brought people together – teachers, students, families, policymakers – to hear from each other about what they were experiencing.

In this report, The Power of Voice and Action – Accelerating the Promise, you will see stories of IDRA’s work in 2019 before the pandemic and stories in 2020 showcasing our quick and meaningful response.

Stories of impact include