Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program

Program Overview


The Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program is a research-based, internationally-recognized dropout prevention program that has kept 98 percent of its tutors in school. In the program, secondary students who are considered at-risk of dropping out of school are placed as tutors of elementary students, enabling them to make a difference in the younger students’ lives.

Dropout Prevention and More
The goal of the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program is to reduce dropout rates. Participating schools have also seen

In Texas, the State Board of Education approved the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program as an innovative course eligible for elective credit at the high school level. Students participating in the program can earn one state credit for their participation in this course. Contact TEA at 512-463-9581 for details.

Research-Based Design
The Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program is a research-based program, as required by the No Child Left Behind Act. The program was extensively researched in 1989 using a longitudinal, quasi-experimental design with data collected for the treatment and comparison group students before tutoring began, during implementation, and at the end of the first and second program years. More

Role of IDRA
IDRA provides the following to preserve the integrity of the program and ensure that students succeed:

Role of Participating Schools
In broadest terms, the role of the schools in the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program includes:

Rigorous Evaluation
The Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program’s ongoing evaluation provides information throughout the program, allowing for adjustments to ensure a quality program implementation. The program utilizes a pre- post- test evaluation that includes quantitative and qualitative measures to gauge student progress. Students are evaluated by classroom teachers at the elementary and secondary campuses. Evaluation data is collected on a secured web site.

Funding Options
School districts utilize the following funding sources to implement the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program in their schools: federal funds such as

Often schools form school business partnerships with Coca-Cola Bottlers, other businesses and local civic groups to secure funds.

Let the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program touch the lives of students, parents and educators in your district.

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