Families and Communities

Parents can be vocal and assertive leaders advocating for excellent schools. Through IDRA’s almost 40-year history, a strong model of parent engagement has evolved, constructed from the experiences in the field, especially with Title I schools and the families whose children attend them. This website helps families see how their school is doing and how the school should treat you (English & Spanish), see actions families can take, get resources on IDRA’s Family Leadership in Education model and learn about college preparation for all students.

Family Leadership Model

Millions of dollars have been invested in initiatives that urge families to care more about education. The problem is that a lack of caring is not the problem. Across decades of experience and work with thousands of families whose children...

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Education CAFE

Education CAFE - Community Action Forums for Excellence Educación CAFÉ - Foros de acción comunitaria en pro la excelencia See bilingual brochure (PDF) IDRA’s Education CAFE model is an innovation for school-family-community collaboration. Education CAFEs are based in a community...

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PTA Comunitario

The next generation of IDRA’s family leadership in education model is the Education CAFÉ. Formerly known as PTA Comunitario, the Education CAFÉ approach is still designed to transform the traditional model of parent school organizations into a more effective vehicle...

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Blueprint Dialogues

Almost 50 years ago, in Brown vs. Board of Education, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that sending children to separate schools purely on the basis of race was unconstitutional.

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SEED Project

Seeding Equity in Education through Dialogue Project Valuing and engaging family and community leadership in San Antonio and the region IDRA’s SEED project strengthens and mobilizes the capacity for effective, coordinated leadership and partnership with schools to impact policy and...

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Resources for Families

Schools, families and communities working together have the capacity to craft and carry out effective solutions that will make a difference for students. It’s important to know how your neighborhood public schools are doing in order to focus your actions...

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