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IDRA Youth Leadership Now

Youth Leadership Now photo boy tutorYouth Leadership Now is a field-initiated, research-based program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. We are partnering with the Texas Education Service Center in Region 19, to pilot this program in several schools in Texas.

Youth Leadership Now combines three key strategies.

  • First, it takes key elements from our highly successful Valued Youth Partnership program, that has a 40-year track record of remarkable success. In VYP, middle and high school students who are deemed at risk of dropping out are placed as tutors of elementary students, their tutees. More than 98% of tutors stay in school. Their grades improve, they have fewer disciplinary referrals and fewer absences, because someone is not only looking forward to them being at school, someone is counting on them.Youth Leadership Now photo girl tutor
  • Second, Youth Leadership Now being mentored by eighth grade teachers, who help them prepare to transition into high school. The teacher mentors also participate in professional learning community to impact the wider campus.
  • IDRA’s family leadership model, Education CAFE, is engaging families and tutors in youth action research equity projects for their school community.

Youth Leadership Now group photoEighth-graders in IDRA’s Youth Leadership Now course will develop positive academic mindsets and leadership skills by being placed as tutors of elementary students, being mentored by teachers (who form a professional learning community) for their transition to high school, and engaging with their families in youth action research equity projects.

For more information, contact Hector Bojorquez, YLN project director and IDRA’s director of operations and educational practice, at

Listen to Student Leaders Surprise Teachers – Classnotes Podcast #240: Hector Bojorquez, who conceptualized IDRA’s Youth Leadership Now project, talks with two guests from Fabens Middle School: Ana Luna YLN teacher coordinator, and assistant, Beatriz Nuñez, about their students’ first four weeks as YLN tutors.

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