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Pomp and Poor Circumstances – IDRA Charter School Study – Infographic

Texas students in charter schools are not necessarily faring better than their peers in traditional public schools. With significantly lower … read more

Texas State Divestment of Education – Infographic

The Texas Constitution requires the State to provide education for all students. But state funding has dropped, not risen. During … read more

A College Degree Makes a Difference in Life – Infographic

College access and preparation are vitally important to help students thrive. The data show it is critical to encourage college … read more

11 Women scientists who should be in the Texas K-12 science standards, just to get the ball rolling – Infographic

As the Texas State Board of Education began to consider revisions to the Science Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), … read more

7 Ways Schools Can Maintain Supportive Climates – Infographic

A positive school climate is crucially important to school success. It affects attendance, engagement, learning and even graduation rates. Yale … read more

Show your school spirit by making sure your families are counted!

As we face this public health crisis, participating in the U.S. Census now helps secure future funding for our communities … read more

Does your school reopening plan ensure educational equity? – Infographic

Schools are beginning to reopen, but is your district’s reopening plan equitable? State guidance changes frequently, leaving it up to … read more

Six Goals of Educational Equity – Infographic

To help schools and communities work together to ensure that systems for equity are in place, IDRA outlined Six Goals … read more

Diversifying the Teaching Field Online Assistance Package – Infographic

All teachers should have intentional, culturally-based preparation to teach our growing diverse student population. But diversity in the teaching profession … read more