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Diversifying the Teaching Field Online Assistance Package – Infographic

Jan 30, 2020

All teachers should have intentional, culturally-based preparation to teach our growing diverse student population. But diversity in the teaching profession … read more

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School Climate Affects LGBTQ Student Well-being – Infographic

Oct 31, 2019

See highlights from the 2017 National School Climate Survey by GLSEN and a presentation by Side by Side (2019). This … read more

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Family Engagement Online Assistance Package – Infographic

Oct 07, 2019

Few people question the value of parents being involved in schools. But many school leaders labor with traditional strategies that … read more

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Steps to Promoting Student Activism – Infographic

Aug 30, 2019

High school student, Melivia Mujia, presents this six-step plan for students who are interested in making change happen. See her … read more

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10 Strategies for How Schools Should Respond to Help Children Impacted by ICE Raids – Infographic

Aug 11, 2019

When U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducts raids in a community, students are deeply affected. Even the threat of … read more

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Welcoming Immigrant Students in School – Infographic

Aug 07, 2019

As schools are registering students for the next school year, IDRA is releasing this new infographic as a reminder that … read more

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7 Things to Ensure School Finance Equity in Texas – Infographic

Jul 25, 2019

As the Texas Legislature deliberated on school funding bills IDRA released a set of seven recommendations for the conference committee.

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Texas State Divestment of Education – Infographic

Apr 03, 2019

The Texas Constitution requires the State to provide education for all students. But state funding has dropped, not risen. During … read more

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Top 10 Percent Plan Expands College Access Across Texas – Infographic

Mar 21, 2019

The Texas Top Ten Percent Plan has opened the doors of Texas’ public universities to low-income students, rural communities and … read more

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Use of Individual Graduation Committees Unlocks Diplomas for 14,422 Qualified Students in Texas – Infographic

Feb 27, 2019

Texas’ temporary policy relieved high-stakes for 14,422 students according to IDRA’s analysis. Students who are economically disadvantaged, Latino or African … read more

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Poor Children Are More Likely to Disappear from Schools in Texas – Infographic

Jan 31, 2019

In an additional analysis to IDRA’s annual attrition study released in December 2018, IDRA examined data from a national and … read more

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Texas High Schools Lost 1 in 5 Students Last Year – Texas Public School Attrition Study 2017-18 – Infographic

Dec 06, 2018

IDRA’s 2016-17 high school attrition study today shows: Texas is failing to graduate one out of every five students – … read more

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College Readiness Gaps – IDRA Infographic

Oct 26, 2018

There has been a 25.5% increase in the number of students taking the ACT from 2012 to 2016. 64% of … read more

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Preparing Teachers to Serve Today’s Classrooms – Infographic

Sep 26, 2018

With schools facing teacher shortages in math, science, bilingual/ESL and special education fields, IDRA created a new model for reaching … read more

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6 Principles for Family Leadership in Education – Infographic

Aug 30, 2018

Family and community engagement in education is critical to school success in providing academic excellence and preparation for college of … read more

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Ready Texas Graduation Requirements Study – Infographic

May 24, 2018

In 2013, Texas made the most substantial changes to graduation requirements & school curricula in recent history. House Bill 5 … read more

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Pomp and Poor Circumstances – IDRA Charter School Study – Infographic

Dec 11, 2017

Texas students in charter schools are not necessarily faring better than their peers in traditional public schools. With significantly lower … read more

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6 School Policies that Lead to Higher Dropout Rates – Infographic

Nov 26, 2017

Zero tolerance is one of six school policies that lead to higher dropout rates as outlined this infographic. The six policies … read more

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Attrition Reaches All-Time Low of 29% for Hispanic Students – Texas Public School Attrition Study 2016-17 – Infographic

Oct 31, 2017

IDRA’s 2016-17 high school attrition study today shows: Texas is failing to graduate one out of every four students – … read more

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STEM Education Trends – Infographic

Oct 18, 2017

There is a disconnect between taking STEM courses in high school and pursuing related college majors. Males and females are both … read more

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