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Digital Landscape – Infographic

Digital equity is critical to student success in school and beyond. Schools can support students and their families in accessing … read more

Parent Leadership in Education Model – Infographic

IDRA’s goal is bigger than parent involvement in education; rather it is parent leadership. This model is a vision of … read more

Build Safe Schools, Reject Hurtful Policies – Infographic

All students have the right to attend safe, supportive and welcoming schools. See IDRA’s infographic below showing good and bad … read more

Texas Public School Attrition 2020-21 – Infographic

Texas public schools are losing one out of five students. Each fall, IDRA releases its attrition study. Attrition rates are … read more

8 Types of Dropout Data Defined – Infographic

When IDRA was commissioned to investigate dropout rates in Texas in the mid-1980s, the state had no data at all … read more

6 Policies and Practices that Lead to Higher Dropout Rates – Infographic

IDRA identified six school policies that lead to higher dropout rates as outlined this infographic: Exclusionary Discipline In-grade Retention Low … read more

Corporal Punishment is Violence Against Children – Infographic

In nearly 19 states, teachers are allowed to spank, paddle, slap, hit or use other physical force against students. See … read more

Computer Science = Problem Solving – Infographic

Computer science is about logic, problem-solving, and creativity. It teaches students how to think differently about problems they are trying … read more

Math & College Readiness – Infographic

While AP courses are a strong indicator of college readiness, the most reported and greatest indicator is completion of algebra … read more