Community Action Data Dashboards & Maps Index

Education and community leaders and policymakers need key information to make good decisions about school policy and practice. They need to listen to the voices of those who are impacted by those decisions and they need clear, quality data. IDRA’s Community Action Data Dashboards and Maps provide a new level of high quality, accessible data to see how their schools are doing and plan ways to improve them.

Georgia School Funding

Dispersed Private Schools by Georgia Senate and House Districts – IDRA Map

Texas School Funding

IDRA Texas School Finance Dashboard

Texas Share of School Funding (2022-23) – IDRA Map

Texas Bilingual Education Funding (2022-23) – IDRA Map

Texas Special Education Funding (2022-23) – IDRA Map

Distance to Private Schools by Texas Senate and House Districts – IDRA Map

School Discipline

Corporal Punishment in U.S. States and School Districts, 2017-18

Corporal Punishment in Texas Public School Districts – IDRA Map

School Discipline Rates, 2017-18


Bilingual/ESL Teacher Shortages in Texas – Map

School Enrollment K-12

Texas Schools by State Senate and House Districts – IDRA Map

Texas Schools (Traditional Public, Charter, and Private) – IDRA Map

Texas School District and Charter School Enrollment by Grade Level, Multiple Years

Texas School District and Charter School Enrollment by Race-Ethnicity, Multiple Years

Texas K-12 Enrollment Trends, Multiple Years

Emergent Bilingual Student Enrollment Trends in Texas Schools


Texas STEM Graduate Endorsements, Class of 2018

Math and Science Course Offerings in Texas, Multiple Years

Mexican American Studies Courses in Texas, 2020-21


State High School Graduation Rates

Emergent Bilingual Student Graduation Rates in Texas

Texas High School Attrition Rates by County, Last 10 Years

Annual Dropout Rates by School District and by County, 2017-18

Higher Education

Texas College Enrollment, 2019-20

High School Graduates Enrolling in Texas Colleges and Universities, Class of 2018

Time to Completion of Bachelor’s Degree at Texas Public Four-Year Universities, Class of 2019

High School Graduates’ GPA in Higher Education by High School Campus

College Faculty in Texas by Race/Ethnicity

Average Faculty Salaries in Texas Four-Year Colleges

School Accountability

Texas Accountability Ratings by School District, 2018-19


State Education Agencies’ Characteristics

Open Desegregation Case List