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Education Policy

Preparing All Students to Succeed in College

Access to higher education expands life opportunities. Schools have a responsibility to prepare all students to succeed in college.

Policies and practices that track students away from college or limit access to advanced courses take the power away from young people and families to choose their own paths. 

Learn more about IDRA’s work to ensure all students are prepared to succeed in college below.

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A college education expands learningcareer and life opportunitiesDespite these clear benefits, many schools are not preparing all students to graduate and access and succeed in college. Too often, students are pushed into courses and programs that do not prepare them or even prevent them from meeting college admission and financial aid requirements. Students of color, students from families with limited incomes, students from rural communities, immigrant students and others who have been disproportionately unsupported by their schools and excluded from college opportunities for generations deserve equitable educational opportunities to prepare for and succeed in college. 

IDRA supports policies that expand college access and affordability for all students. We research the impacts of changes to coursework and graduation requirements and support families and coalition partners to block efforts to take away important protections for college students. 

Learn more about IDRA’s policy recommendations for Texas.


Changing Policy

HB 4403 Supports Student Advising for Dual Credit – IDRA Comments on HB 4403 and Submitted by Dr. Altheria Caldera before the House Higher Education Committee, April 15, 2021

Individual Graduation Committees Should be Available to All High School Students – IDRA Testimony for House Bill 999: Relating to the use of individual graduation committees, submitted by Chloe Latham Sikes, Ph.D., to House Public Education Committee, March 23, 2021

Individual Graduation Committees Should be a Permanent Option for High School Students, IDRA Testimony for House Bill 1603 submitted by Chloe Latham Sikes, Ph.D., to House Public Education Committee, March 16, 2021

Civil Rights Groups Urge California Voters to Reinstate Affirmative Action in Higher Ed

Protecting the Texas Top Ten Percent Plan

Acting on Research and Data 

IDRA Annual Attrition Study 

Report: College Bound and Determined Study of Pharr-San Juan Alamo School District 

Infographic and Report: Ready Texas Study of Texas College Requirements 

Engaging Communities

Report: Community Survey on Texas Graduation Requirements 

What Families Need to Know About Texas Graduation Requirements 

IDRA Amicus Brief: Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin 

Communicating Effectively 

Op-ed: Protect College Admission laws that reward merit, hard work

For more resources, see IDRA’s College Access for Success site.