IDRA has gathered and analyzed data that promote a broader understanding of educational and social policy issues among public and professional decision makers.

Using collaborative and innovative methods, we investigate important questions and provide insight into compelling educational issues. As a national resource, we set standards in the design, analysis, and synthesis of timely and useful research involving diverse populations.

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Attrition and Dropout Rates in Texas

Attrition and Dropout Rates in Texas Texas public schools are losing one out of five students. Each fall, IDRA releases its attrition study. Attrition rates are an indicator of a school’s holding power, or the ability to keep students enrolled in school and learning until they graduate. Key findings from the latest study show the…

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Fellows Program

Under the leadership of Dr. María “Cuca” Robledo Montecel, IDRA President & CEO, the José A. Cárdenas School Finance Fellows Program focuses on and fund school finance research that builds cross-disciplinary and inter-sector perspectives on equity.

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Ready Texas

Rural Districts Lose 24 Percent in Algebra II Enrollment IDRA Ready Texas Study Examines Texas HB5 Graduation Requirements In 2013, the 83rd Texas Legislature established the Foundation High School Program (HB5), which allows for significant local variation in graduation planning and represents one of the most substantial changes to Texas curricula in recent history. How…

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English Learner Education Research

Below are samples of IDRA research in the education of English learner students. For additional resources, see English Language Learner Education. Low Funding for Educating ELLs Affects Students Across Texas – Symposium Proceedings In June 2015, IDRA released the proceedings report of the IDRA José A. Cárdenas School Finance Fellows Program symposium focusing on education of…

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IDRA Research Studies for San Antonio College

IDRA’s studies of a community college yielded strategies that improved its recruitment and retention of Hispanic, low-income students, and students who were the first in their families to attend college. First-Year Experience for First-Time-in-College Students at Major Community College For children who are the first from their families to attend college – any college –…

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Early Childhood Education Research

In Spanish, amanecer means “the beginning of a new day.” In 1975, IDRA began a new day in public education by developing the AMANECER curriculum – one of the first bilingual early childhood curricula in the country. AMANECER was based on the then groundbreaking premise that children and families whose first language is not English must have…

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Teacher Preparation

Teaching Quality As students return to school, this spotlight focuses on our research on teaching quality and its impact on student learning and long-term academic success of students. IDRA has outlined four dimensions of teaching quality: Instructional Leadership: Creating an environment accepting of and suitable for all students, where communication is key. Instructional Focus: Acknowledging…

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College Access and Success Research

For decades, IDRA has researched the critical transition between high school and college access and success, particularly for minority and low-income students. IDRA’s research provides critical insights and solutions, such as our studies of a community college that yielded strategies that improved its recruitment and retention of Hispanic, low-income students, and students who were the…

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School Funding Research

Throughout IDRA’s history, our research has assessed fair funding policy efforts undertaken in Texas and other states to examine progress made toward achieving equity in school funding for all students. These efforts have served to inform policymakers, educators and communities about areas where additional reforms are needed and have included specific recommendations to help achieve…

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School Discipline Research

Zero Tolerance Policies Zero tolerance policies likely contribute to high attrition rates of Black students and Hispanic students in Texas public schools. In an additional analysis to IDRA’s annual attrition study released in 2016. IDRA compared the trend lines for attrition rates to those of discipline data for the state of Texas. The historical high…

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