Policy, Advocacy and Community Engagement

All students deserve excellent and equitable educational opportunities. From school buildings to state capitols, IDRA works with families, students and education leaders to advocate smart, fair and effective policies. 

See our policy priorities: Federal, Georgia, Texas (& Texas Special Session 3)

IDRA’s Federal Policy PrioritiesIDRA Policy Priorities for the 2023 Georgia General Assembly SessionIDRA Policy Priorities for the 2023 Texas Legislative SessionIDRA Texas Policy Priorities - 2023 Special 3_Page_1

Ensuring Fair School Funding for All Students

All students deserve to go to excellent, well-funded schools. Policies that base funding on community wealth and ignore the real...

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Ending Harmful Discipline to Create Safer Schools

All students deserve safe and welcoming schools that do not use harmful discipline and school police to punish young people. ...

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Growing and Sustaining Healthy School Districts

Healthy school districts are diverse, community-centered, and are given the support they need to serve all students. Many systems and...

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Ensuring Excellent Educational Opportunities for Emergent Bilingual Students

Emergent bilingual learners have the right to excellent schools that support English mastery and develop and honor students’ home languages...

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Preparing All Students to Succeed in College

Access to higher education expands life opportunities. Schools have a responsibility to prepare all students to succeed in college. Policies and...

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Federal Education Advocacy

The promise of quality education is our nation’s promise not to the privileged few but to all our children. Federal...

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Texas Education Advocacy

Decisions made by state-level officials have a profound impact on the quality of education the state provides to its students....

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Georgia Education Advocacy

All students deserve excellent and equitable education opportunities. From school buildings to state capitols, IDRA has been busy at work...

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IDRA Education Policy Fellows Program

To ensure equitable education policies, advocates must play a key role in state-level policymaking. IDRA seeks to change the landscape of...

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Texas Legislative Education Equity Coalition

The Texas Legislative Education Equity Coalition (TLEEC) is a collaborative of organizations and individuals with the mission to improve the...

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Georgia Coalition for Education Justice

The Georgia Coalition for Education Justice is a collective of students, educators, parents and advocates dedicated to advancing education justice...

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