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Youth Advisory Board

Youth Advisory Board

IDRA Youth Advisory Board banner

IDRA is a non-profit organization focused on education justice for K-12 students. We support public schools through our research, policy advocacy, educator support, and family & student collaboration on issues like school funding, bilingual education, restorative practices and curriculum diversity.

To prioritize students in our decision-making, we are launching our first Texas-based Youth Advisory Board. Throughout 2022, this group of 10th-12th grade students will give IDRA actionable recommendations to ensure our initiatives continue centering the expertise, needs, and dreams of young people and their families.

Youth Advisory Board members will…

IDRA values the voices and perspectives of all young Texans. 10-12th grade public school students in Texas are eligible to apply. Students with disabilities, LGBTQ+ students, and students from Black, Latinx/e, Arab, Asian, Pacific Islander, or Native communities are highly encouraged to apply.

Board members will get…

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Application Deadline: December 20 @11:59 pm CT

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