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Knowledge is Power

IDRA’s Knowledge is Power is a national resource for educators and advocates to help you do your work for equity and excellence in education in the midst of classroom censorship policies.

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Edition #7: December 2, 2021 – EnglishEspañol

Edition #6: November 18, 2021 – EnglishEspañol

Edition #5: November 10, 2021 – EnglishEspañol

Edition #4: October 13, 2021 – EnglishEspañol

Edition #3: September 29, 2021 – English • Español

Edition #2: September 16, 2021 –  EnglishEspañol

Edition #1: September 2, 2021 – EnglishEspañol

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Video Gallery: Student Testimony Against Classroom Censorship

Resource hub on how HB 3979 limits speech and engagement in Texas classrooms. News about community advocacy against SB3.