• Knowledge is Power • May 5, 2022 •

One week ago, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed the state’s new restrictive education law that targets students by censoring conversations and teaching about race and racism. It also excludes transgender girls from participating in school sports.
Specifically, the law does the following:

  • redefines legitimate interpretations of racism and bias as “divisive concepts;”
  • restricts discussion about racism and bias in teacher training and certification;
  • changes the complaint process for objecting to curricula and classroom instruction;
  • increases administrative burdens for school boards and administrators;
  • threatens school flexibility and autonomy by restricting strategic waivers for districts found to be teaching “divisive concepts;”
  • increases political influence in statewide athletic associations; and
  • makes it harder for school districts to protect transgender student athletes.

See What Does Georgia’s House Bill 1084 Do?, our one-pager with a breakdown of the law and its components.

IDRA, ACLU of Georgia and the Southern Poverty Law Center held a press conference when the Governor signed the law. Watch press conference video.

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