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Education Policy

Georgia Education Advocacy

Black girl graduateAll students deserve excellent and equitable education opportunities. From school buildings to state capitols, IDRA has been busy at work with Georgian families, students and education leaders to advocate smart, fair and effective policies for the state of Georgia.

IDRA supports families, communities, and students – particularly students from families with limited incomes, students of color, English learners, and others – who demand access to great, well-funded schools. We advocate sustainable policies that accurately identify the cost of education for all students and fund all schools fairly.

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Learn more about IDRA’s policy recommendations for Georgia.

Fair Funding for Excellent Schools in Georgia

Creating Safe and Welcoming Pathways for All Students in Georgia

Keeping the Public in Public Education in Georgia

Excellent Education for Emergent Bilingual Students in Georgia

College Preparation and Access that Expands Opportunities in Georgia

Grow and Sustain School District Health in Georgia