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Students Want Schools to Teach Inclusive Truth – Podcast Episode 213 | Classnotes Podcast 213

Classnotes Podcast (October 29, 2021) Concerned about the impact of the new classroom censorship bill in Texas, 88 public school students described their experiences with racial discrimination in school. Their stories show why diversity, equity and inclusion training are needed for teachers across Texas public schools and why Texas students need culturally-sustaining schools.

In this podcast episode, we feature two students who spoke at a recent press briefing held by IDRA and the TEACH Coalition. Thomas Marshall III, IDRA policy communications strategist, talks with high school senior, Autumn, and high school junior, Emaan, as they describe their experiences with discrimination and bias. They also discuss how classroom lessons in history and other courses already exclude people of color and other groups. Students’ last names and schools are kept confidential.

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Show length: 20:16 min.


Students Tell Texas Attorney General that Racial Discrimination in School is Real – IDRA Applauds Students Speaking Out Against Texas’ New Classroom Censorship Law (Español), September 29, 2021

88 public school students described their experiences with racial discrimination in school

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Knowledge is Power is IDRA’s national resource for educators and advocates to help you do your work for equity and excellence in education in the midst of classroom censorship policies.

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Show Notes

  • Thomas opens with background on the TEACH Coalition letter to the Texas attorney general.

  • Autumn and Emaan share their stories, and the experiences of discrimination they have faced at school while growing up.

  • Thomas asks Autumn and Emaan how the censorship measures from House Bill 3979 and then Senate House Bill 3 have impacted their classroom discussions.