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Top 10 Percent Plan Expands College Access Across Texas – Infographic

The Texas Top Ten Percent Plan has opened the doors of Texas’ public universities to low-income students, rural communities and … read more

How to Meet with Your Elected Official – Infographic

Meeting with your elected officials gives you the opportunity to share information, data and policy ideas about the issues that … read more

How to Testify before the Texas Legislature – Infographic

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Texas Bilingual Education Bills in 2021 – Infographic

Over 1 million emergent bilingual students are currently enrolled in Texas public schools. Texas educates the highest percentage of emergent … read more

School Climate Affects LGBTQ Student Well-being – Infographic

See highlights from the 2017 National School Climate Survey by GLSEN, a presentation by Side by Side (2019), and a … read more

IDRA National Education Priority Policy Issues – Infographic

IDRA’s national policy work brings research, data, and student and family experience to federal bodies to ensure equitable policymaking at … read more

Pomp and Poor Circumstances – IDRA Charter School Study – Infographic

Texas students in charter schools are not necessarily faring better than their peers in traditional public schools. With significantly lower … read more

Texas State Divestment of Education – Infographic

The Texas Constitution requires the State to provide education for all students. But state funding has dropped, not risen. During … read more

A College Degree Makes a Difference in Life – Infographic

College access and preparation are vitally important to help students thrive. The data show it is critical to encourage college … read more