Education Policy

High Quality Teaching

Teaching Quality

Success in school means having quality teachers, i.e., teachers who know their subject, who know effective instructional practices and who value their students. Unfortunately, many students – particularly those who are in poor schools or high-minority schools – do not have access to enough of these teachers. Some schools do not provide quality teaching to all students because of unfair distribution both within and across school districts, inadequate and inequitable funding, or shortages of some teachers in some content areas. Furthermore, research has shown that alternative educational programs in particular are being used as warehouses for “undesirable” students who, once there, get little support. They never catch up academically because most of their teachers are not qualified to teach them. Hispanic, African American, male and special education students are far more likely to be referred to an alternative setting.

IDRA Stands

  • Texas must ensure that all students have access to teaching quality that is equitable within and across school districts.
  • Teacher preparation programs should be updated to prepare educators to serve an increasingly diverse student population.
  • Teachers should have the appropriate preparation, training and support to manage classrooms such that students are not unnecessarily or disproportionately separated from learning on their campus by suspensions, expulsions and removals to disciplinary alternative education programs.

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