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Dropout Prevention and Recovery

The IDRA EAC-South helps school districts ensure the elements necessary for equitable and excellent education is provided to all students regardless of race, national origin or gender so that they all graduate ready for college and career.

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Get Data on Your Texas High SchoolIDRA’s OurSchool Portal is designed to help community and school partners examine their school data and plan joint action to improve school holding power. Organized around IDRA’s Quality School Action Framework.

This bilingual (Spanish/English) data portal now provides college-readiness data for every secondary public school district in Texas. You can also learn how school, community, and family leaders are using the portal now – and get tips and exchange ideas about how you can use the portal to strengthen education in your district.

Webinar on IDRA’s OurSchool Portal 2.0 – Quality Data to Improve Education for All

Please join IDRA for a virtual briefing to have a first-hand opportunity to take a tour of IDRA’s expanded OurSchool Portal. The recorded webinar is offered on multiple dates.

Classnotes Podcast on Dropout Prevention and Recovery
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The Civil Rights Issue of Our Generation – April 29, 2011
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