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Civil Rights and Quality Education
NAME Conference

Below are resources for participants in the “Civil Rights and Quality Education” session led by Dr. Bradley Scott, director of the IDRA South Central Collaborative for Equity, at the 2010 NAME conference. These resources are provided in the context of IDRA’s Quality School Action Framework, which guides communities and schools in identifying weak areas and strengthening public schools’ capacities to graduate and prepare all students for success. IDRA’s new book, Courage to Connect: A Quality Schools Action Framework™ shows how communities and schools can work together to be successful with all of their students. See the book’s web page for a table of contents, excerpt, quotes, related podcasts and other resources.


Building a Context for Equity and Excellence in Schools: Civil Rights and Quality Curriculum  (PowerPoint presentation) in pdf format

Examining RTI and Disproportionality Through A Lens of  Educational Equity (PowerPoint presentation) in pdf format

Response to Intervention: An Equity Perspective the Equity Assistance Centers Identify Civil Rights Concerns with the Implementation of Response to Intervention in pdf format

Examining Civil Rights And Response To Intervention in pdf format

Civil Rights Work Sheet in pdf format

Asking the Hard Questions About the Core Curriculum in pdf format


The Role of School Governance Efficacy in Building an Equity Context for School Reform,”  by Bradley Scott, Ph.D., IDRA Newsletter June-July 2009

Defining Teaching Quality Beyond the Certificate,” by Kristen Grayson, M.A., IDRA Newsletter (February 2009)

Teaching Must Be Culturally Relevant to be Quality,” by Bradley Scott, Ph.D., IDRA Newsletter (May 2009)

IDRA’s Community of Learners Approach to Instructional Quality,” by Abelardo Villarreal , Ph.D., and Bradley Scott, Ph.D., IDRA Newsletter (March 2008)

Mentoring New Teacher for First-Day, First-Year Success,” by Adela Solís , Ph.D., IDRA Newsletter (November-December 2009)

Successful Bilingual Education Programs – Criteria for Exemplary Practices in Bilingual Education,” by María Robledo Montecel, Ph.D., and Josie Danini Cortez, M.A., IDRA Newsletter (August 2001)

Integrating Technology for Quality CurriculumMoving from a WIBCI (Wouldn’t It Be Cool If) Mentality to a SAWr Students Are World-ready) Reality – Widening the Lens of Student Engagement,” by Kathryn Brown, IDRA Newsletter (September 2008)

School Holding Power – A Quality Schools Indicator,” by Roy L. Johnson, M.S., IDRA Newsletter (October 2009)

Defining Student Success in the Context of College Readiness,” by Rosana G. Rodríguez, Ph.D., IDRA Newsletter (November-December 2009)

Classnotes Podcasts

School Holding Power for Every Child – January 4, 2007

Good Schools for Children Learning English – June 20, 2007

Six Goals of Educational Equity – February 29, 2008

Supporting First Year Teachers – September 2, 2008

The Civil Rights Impact of Response to Intervention – February 27, 2009

Busting Myths About Children of Poverty – March 12, 2009

Helping Schools Address Issues of Race – August 25, 2009

College for All – August 3, 2010

Reflections on Bilingual Education Today and Beyond – January 29, 2010

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