Equity Assistance Center

About the former IDRA South Central Collaborative for Equity

Helping educators, parents and communities provide all students with equitable educational opportunities to achieve high academic standards; develop meaningful, productive careers and lives; and exhibit responsible, democratic citizenship

Equity in schools has still not been reached. But for students – who by virtue of their race, ethnic background, sex or national origin are deprived of their civil rights and an equal opportunity to a quality education – equity is a promise they are depending on for their future.

Since 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling, great strides have been made in schools efforts. But the fact remains that many schools still struggle with issues arising from equity efforts. Throughout its history, the Intercultural Development Research Association has maintained a strong technical assistance focus and has succeeded in seeing many school districts achieve positive transformations in policy development, curriculum and instructional practices consistent with Title VI and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act.

The IDRA South Central Collaborative for Equity (SCCE), formerly called the Desegregation Assistance Center, built bridges among administrators, teachers, parents, students and community members so that all stakeholders could find that common higher ground where all students will benefit regardless of race, sex or national origin.

The center’s philosophy maintained that desegregated school settings must ensure full inclusion and participation by all students and their parents regardless of race, sex or national origin.

The SCCE was a program of IDRA, a multiethnic, multilingual team of knowledgeable educators committed to excellence and equity for all students. The SCCE was one of 10 federally-funded centers that provided technical assistance and training at the request of school districts and other responsible governmental agencies in the preparation, adoption and implementation of plans for the desegregation of public schools.

The IDRA South Central Collaborative for Equity is the predecessor to the current IDRA EAC-South.

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Response to Intervention Issues Paper
The nation’s equity assistance centers identified civil rights concerns with Response to Intervention. See their 11 recommendations.



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