June 14-16, 2022 Virtual Event for Educators


The IDRA EAC-South brings together educational leaders, teachers and community organizers to focus on individual, institutional and systems-level work to identify and remove barriers for students.

In this workshop-style convening, you will get tools and information to open access and opportunity for students, foster equitable learning environments, and increase and support pathways to culturally sustaining schools.

We encourage you to form teams from your district, campus or organization to take advantage of the five strands of learning and community-building opportunities:

  • Translanguaging for Social Justice
  • Students Seeing Themselves: Ethnic Studies and Beyond
  • Culturally Responsive & Sustaining Schooling
  • Equitable Hiring Practices
  • Equitable Education Policy & Reform

This professional learning experience will provide:

Power – Content delivery by leading equity experts

People – Opportunities for facilitated peer discussions for school transformation

Plan – Guided planning sessions for next actions

You will have access to networking spaces where you can discuss shared areas of concern related to your district, school or organization.

This event is designed to strengthen our equity lens and build our capacity to advocate and organize for change within our school communities.

Registration for this event is free. Participants will earn up to 15 hours of continuing professional development credit.

When: June 14, 2022
Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm CST
Location: Virtual

Focus Groups: IDRA is hosting a series of focus groups with educators to understand challenges, needs and desired support for teaching in a climate of classroom censorship and for providing an equitable and culturally sustaining educational environment. If you are interested, select one of the timeslots when you register for the event and individual sessions. Also see our Informed Consent Form.