Semillitas de Aprendizaje Big Books

Abelardo Villarreal , Ph.D., Managing Editor and Lead Author



With rich vocabulary, each book tells its beautiful story in English and in Spanish. Designed for early childhood and primary grades, the stories feature children and other characters who discover new things, like life in the country, learning about spiders, first aid kits, the seasons, geometric shapes at home, traditional beading, a dancing ostrich, counting critters, a circus dream and gold mining.

The 10 Semillitas de Aprendizaje™ Big Books are the abridged versions of the stories with English and Spanish text appearing on the same page for reading aloud with the class. They are complemented by the 10 Semillitas de Aprendizaje™ Storybooks, which are two books in one with the unabridged versions of each story in English and in Spanish appearing separately.

One set of the Big Books is included in the Semillitas de Aprendizaje Classroom Master Set.

Visit the Semillitas de Aprendizaje website for a list of Big Book titles and to see a sample classroom lesson, scope and sequence (two), and sample video clips from the Storytelling DVD.



Product Description

Development Team
Managing Editor and Lead Author: Abelardo Villarreal, Ph.D., IDRA

Contributing Authors: Oralia H. Lamas; Rosana G. Rodríguez, Ph.D., IDRA

Illustrators: Thelma Muraida * and Clockwork Studios**

Early Education Reading Consultants: María Elena “Mari” Riojas Lester, M.Ed. ; Sylvia R. Manzano, M.A.; José L. Rodríguez, M.A., IDRA; Bradley Scott, Ph.D., IDRA

Spanish Language Editor: Amalia Mondríguez, Ph.D.

English Language Editor: Christie Goodman, APR

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