Student Chief Science Officers Program in San Antonio will Bolster Student Leadership & Diversity in STEM Education 

What:     This showcase event will bring together local business, civic and community organizations to partner in helping students see STEM in action in our city through the Chief Science Officers (CSO) program. San Antonio is the first Texas city to have this powerful international program.

Meet one of San Antonio’s inaugural middle school CSOs.

When:    Tuesday, June 18, 2019; 10:00 a.m.

Why:      This fall, 50 San Antonio students will be named Chief Science Officers for their schools to serve as ambassadors to the science and innovation community. IDRA, in partnership with the Alamo STEM Ecosystem, operates the CSO program here and soon across Texas with a particular focus on school, student and economic diversity.

Two students from each participating school will support STEM programming at their campus by helping to plan field trips, host science nights, start STEM-related clubs, initiate student-led civic action projects, and bring speakers from local industries to engage students in conversations about the STEM workforce.

Held by IDRA and Alamo STEM Ecosystem, this event will build a circle of support among local business, civic and community organizations. Opportunities include individual STEM mentors, field trip locations, meeting spaces and sponsorships.

Who:      Speakers:

  • Celina Moreno, J.D., IDRA President & CEO
  • Dr. Raul (Rudy) A. Reyna, Alamo STEM Ecosystem Lead
  • Diane S. Sánchez, San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, President & CEO
  • Frank Almaraz, CPS Energy Chief Administrative & Business Development Officer
  • Alicia DeHoyos, CSO during the current pilot phase, Dwight Middle School

Where:   San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology (SAMSAT) – 102 Mabry Dr, San Antonio, TX 78226

Media Contact: Christie Goodman, APR,, o 210-444-1710, c 210-807-0016

The Alamo STEM Learning Ecosystem (SLE), a member of the International SLE, acts as a connector and catalyst for STEM opportunities and collaborates with industry partners in schools, science centers, libraries and beyond.

Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA) is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to achieve equal educational opportunity through strong public schools that prepare all students to succeed in college.

SciTech Institute, based in Arizona, is a conduit for collaboration among tech-oriented nonprofits, industry and academia that supports students across the globe to seek STEM-related education and career paths.