IDRA supports books and inclusive curricula that affirm trans youth

Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility. Within our organization and beyond it, IDRA proudly commits to center the well-being of gender-expansive youth, educators and their families.

“Today and every day, we celebrate our trans friends and families,” said Celina Moreno, J.D., IDRA President & CEO. “In the face of political attacks on youth across the country, we act in solidarity with trans and non-binary communities as they lead and inspire movements for a kinder world in which more youth can realize their dreams.”

Because we know a school’s climate impacts the well-being of LGBTQ+ students, IDRA supports books that affirm trans youth, inclusive curricula that teaches LGBTQ+ history and current events, and robust training for districtwide school support of trans students and educators.

IDRA supports organizations committed to creating affirming spaces for trans and queer youth. We urge you to donate to the Black Trans Texas Connection (@BlackTransTexa1), led by and serving Black trans folks, who have historically been at the forefront of organizing for queer liberation. We also encourage support of Equality Texas, the Transgender Education Network of TexasLambda Legal and the ACLU of Texas, who offer resources, legal information and events for collective action at this critical moment.

The IDRA EAC-South, the largest of four federally-funded equity assistance centers, provides training to schools across the U.S. South to ensure all students can learn free from discrimination, including discrimination based on gender. Through policy, practice and research, IDRA supports the advocacy led by LGBTQ+ communities and commits to building safe and welcoming schools for all students.