November- December 1993 IDRA Newsletter


“Education reform: Schools need a new attitude,” by José A. Cárdenas, Ph.D.

“Portfolios in secondary ESL classroom assessment: Bringing it all together,” by Adela Solís, Ph.D.

October 1993 IDRA Newsletter


“Creating education that works: Building bilingual teacher competencies,” F. Gonzales

“For the children’s sake: Improving school accountability,” F. Montes

“Total quality management: A solution for schools?,” M. Robledo Montecel

September 1993 IDRA Newsletter


“Attrition in Texas public high schools,” R. L. Johnson

“Current problems in bilingual education: Part II,” by José Cárdenas, Ed.D.

“ESL strategies: What works in second language instruction,” by Rosa Flores, M.Ed.

“The IDRA Project Pathways publications,

“NAFTA’s projected impact on Texas public schools: An IDRA research study,” A. Cortez

“Project MIJA: Breaking boundaries for young latinas,” A. De Luna

“Project pathways: Innovative teaching strategies for improving LEP students TAAS scores,” N. Adame-Reyna

August 1993 IDRA Newsletter


“Current problems in bilingual education: Part I,” by José Cárdenas, Ed.D.

“Literatura infantil: Bilingual children s literature,” J. García

“Questions and answers on bilingual education: IDRA responds to parent and educator concerns,” A. S. Sosa

“Recruiting and retaining bilingual and ESL teachers: An educational imperative in Texas,” R. L. Johnson

“School finance update: IDRA testifies before U.S. Senate subcommittee on education,” A. Cortez

June- July 1993 IDRA Newsletter


“The Challenge for site-based decision making councils: Making quality preschool education accessible to language minority students,” A. Villarreal

“Chapter 1: A new framework,” A. Salinas Sosa

“Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program update: Summer to bring IRA leadership retreats,” M. Penny-Velazquez

“Early childhood education needs assessment form,”

“IDRA co-sponsors San Antonio’s regional briefings on Chapter 1 reform,”

“The Molly Bee syndrome: A study in bureaucracy,” J. A. Cárdenas

“Restructuring student assessment using portfolios,” Y. García

“Site-based decision making councils; Constructing effective educational environments requires new tools,” R. López del Bosque

“Texas school district employees,” J. A. Cárdenas

“School finance update: Senate Bill 7 is legislators latest attempt at equity,” A. Cortez

“Creating successful interactions: Lessons from the reading project,” J. D. Supik

“Curriculum and instruction to reduce racial conflict,” V. Mitchell

“In-grade retention in Texas: A summary of the first state survey results,” A. Cortez

“Understanding conflict: Our most difficult positive interaction,” R. López del Bosque

“Undocumented children: A continuing challenge for American education,” J. A. Cárdenas

“Yo Escribo: Promoting interactions in the early childhood classroom,” M. Penny-Velázquez

May 1993 IDRA Newsletter


“As minorities become the majority: How changing demographics will affect Texas schools,” C. Estrada Russell and R. L. Johnson

“Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program Third Annual National Training Seminar and Teen Conference a great success,” M. Penny-Velazquez

“School success: Valuing families and language in multicultural schools,” M. Robledo Montecel

“Reflections on the changing faces of education,” B. Scott

“Students speak out for multiculturalism: Why getting along with other races and cultures is our hope for the future,”

April 1993 IDRA Newsletter


“Choice in Texas school finance,” The, J. A. Cárdenas

“Educational expenditures and school achievement: When and how money can make a difference,” D. M. Kazal-Thresher

“Funding and student achievement: A clear relationship exists,” A. Cortez

“The Impact of school wealth variation: Why money matters,” J. A. Cárdenas

“Maintaining multiculturalism in schools: Retaining an ethnically diverse teaching force, Part 2,” A. M. Montemayor

“The Proposed constitutional amendments on school funding: The IDRA an analysis,” A. Cortez and J. A. Cárdenas

“Questions and answers: Current issues in school finance,”

“School expenditures per student: Disparity across Texas,”

“Second decade of school finance reform, A.” C. Salas

“Texas textbooks: Issues of equity and quality,” L. C. Green

“Through humor they speak the truth; school finance political cartoons,”

March 1993 IDRA Newsletter


“How do we keep teachers in our classrooms? The TNT Response,” F. Gonzales and A. Salinas Sosa

“IDRA develops Teacher Renewal Institute workshop,” J. D. Supik

“IDRA establishes Institute for Policy and Leadership,” M. Robledo Montecel

“Is consensus possible in Texas school finance?,” A. Cortez

“Maintaining multiculturalism in schools: Retaining an ethnically diverse teaching force Part 1,” A. M. Montemayor

“My side of the story: A lesson in advocacy,” J. A. Cárdenas

“New attitude! Teachers can make it happen,” A, R. López del Bosque

“School finance update,” A. Cortez

February 1993 IDRA Newsletter


“En hora buena: Materials on Mexican American women now available,” A. Salinas Sosa

“Gender bias: Inequities in the classroom,” R. Love

“Gender equity in vocational education,” D. J. Robbins

“Gender inequity in Texas school administration,” C. Salas and F. Gonzales

“Hispanic girls succeed in math through IDRA s MIJA Program,” Y. García

“National women’s history month: A time to teach gender equity,” E. Ross

January 1993 IDRA Newsletter


“Compatibility in parental involvement,” J. A. Cárdenas

“Do’s and Don’ts for initiating Hispanic family involvement,” M. Robledo Montecel

“Forces promoting and hindering Hispanic family involvement,” M. Robledo Montecel

“Hispanic parents in their own words: Some thoughts on parenting and public education,” M. Robledo Montecel

“IDRA completes special needs training for Alamo area child care providers and parents,” B. Scott

“Parent involvement in American education: A national origin perspective,” N. Barquet

“Parent involvement in education: A success story from the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program,” J. D. Supik

“School finance issue heats up in Texas: Special session ends in stalemate, regular session battle looms,” A. Cortez

“Student placement and test reliability,” J. A. Cárdenas