November- December 1995 IDRA Newsletter


“Teachers and Instructional Technology: Wise and Foolish Choices,” by Laura Chris Green, Ph.D.

“Accessing Technology’s Role in Education: A Vision of the Possible,” J.D. Supik

“Access to Educational Technology: What’s Going On?,” B. Scott

Using Computers for Literacy

“Parents Networking with Parents: Familias y la Red Electronica,” A. Montemayor and A. Carmona

October 1995 IDRA Newsletter


“IDRA’s Latest Attrition Analyses Show Worsening Dropout Problem,” R. Johnson

“Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program: Assessing Progress,” J.D. Supik

“Youth Leadership: Great Works in Progress,” A.M. Montemayor and J.D. Supik

“News about IDRA’s Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program,”

“How Do I Value You? Let Me Count the Ways,” A.M. Montemayor

“Silent Partners in Education,” C. Salas

“Valued Youths: Six Years Later,” editorial, C. Salas

September 1995 IDRA Newsletter


“Adult Literacy and Leadership: Current Innovations,” A.M. Montemayor

“Literacy is Vital to Democracy,” M. Symonds

“Exploring New Directions in Adult Literacy Assessment,” P. McCollum

“Implementing Family Literacy,” N. Adame-Reyna

“Project SALNET: Helping Adult Learners and their Instructors into the Twenty-First Century,” L.C. Green

“What IDRA’s Project SALNET Has Meant for our Students…,” SALNET Participants

August 1995 IDRA Newsletter


“Bilingual Education Makes the Difference in Learning,” R. Feliz

“Beyond Language Assessment,” P. McCollum

“Blessed with Bilingual Brains: Is it a Fact or a False Belief?,” by Frank Gonzales, Ph.D.

“Commentary: The State of Bilingual Education and the Need to Speak Out,” M. Robledo Montecel

“Why Bilingual Education is Important to Me,” VYP Tutors

“The Parent Connection in Language Acquisition,” N. Adame-Reyna

“Valued Tutors Write,” A.M. Montemayor

“Conversational Insights: On Combining Literature, the Arts and Technology for Language and Literacy Development,” J. García and L.C. Green

June- July 1995 IDRA Newsletter


“Education Policy Reform: Key Points for Districts,” A. Cortez and M. Symonds

“Legal Challenges to New Education Code Foreseeable,” A.H. Kauffman

“Issues in Accountability Testing of LEP Students: Reflections on the Policy Making Process,” A. Solís

“Some Thoughts on the Legislature’s Attempts to Improve Public Schools in Texas,” editorial, A. Cortez

“How Federal Policy Impacts My Classroom,” editorial, L. Windham

“IMPACT: A Model for Schools to Promote Parent Advocates for Children and Changes,” N. Adame-Reyna

“Teachers and Parents Surf the Internet: Finding Boards and Catching La Onda,” M. Symonds

“We Need the Federal Government in Education,” editorial, M. Casserly

“Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program Brings Together Tutors, Parents and Teachers,” L. Cantú

“IDRA Creates Manual for Title VII Proposal Development,” A. Villarreal

May 1995 IDRA Newsletter


“Teachers as Researchers: A Look at Action Research,” M. Symonds

“Parents Listening to Parents is Research,” A.M. Montemayor

“Holding on to those Bilingual and ESL Teachers: What Principals Need to Know,” R. López del Bosque

“High Expectations in Action,” editorial, J. Stapp-Hollis and M. Irvan

“Technology Support for Teacher-Researchers,” F. Montes

“Action Research: Implications for Student Assessment,” R.L. Johnson

“Grading LEP Students: Developing Sound Practice,” by Adela Solís, Ph.D.

April 1995 IDRA Newsletter


“Parents as First Teachers: Creating an Enriched Home Learning Environment,” by Abelardo Villarreal, Ph.D.

“Computers Are for Young Children Too,” B. Scott

“Guiding Success for Preschool Age Children: An IDRA Training Program,” A. Domínguez and A. Villarreal

“Creating Gender Equitable Early Childhood Environments: A Look at What’s So – The Status of Education,” M. Penny-Velázquez

“Picking Pertinent Pieces from Pre-Kinder Portfolios: Pursuing Portfolios and Assessing Alternative Assessment,” A. Montemayor

“What Teachers Are Saying about Project Adelante,” editorial, A. Yánez-Pérez

“What We Can Learn from the Reggio Emilia Early Childhood Program,” A. Villarreal

March 1995 IDRA Newsletter


“Court Ruling is Bad News for Children: IDRA Declares ‘Children First,'”

“Education in Texas: Unfunded and Unfairly Funded Mandates,” editorial, M. Robledo Montecel and J.A. Cárdenas

“The Texas Supreme Court’s Decision in Edgewood IV: Findings, Implications, and Next Steps,” A. Cortez

“Declaration: Children First,”

“Edgewood IV Creates New Standing for Reviewing Texas School Finance System,” A. Kauffman

“Preventing Sexual Harassment in Schools: A Pro-Active Agenda,” by Michaela Penny-Velázquez, M.A.

“Discovering Minority Females in Math and Science,” A. De Luna

“Because People Cared…,” editorial, R. Cataldo and J. Arragon

“Exclusion and Bias: The Effects of Standardized Testing,” L. Cantú

“Fathers Are Important to their Children’s Education,” C. Salas

“Gender Equity in Education: What is Required from Whom,” A. Cortez and M. Penny-Velázquez

“Superintendent Promotes Gender Equity: An Interview with Diana Lam, M.ED.,” M. Symonds

“Technology and Gender: Barriers and Breakthroughs,” A. Yánez-Pérez

February 1995 IDRA Newsletter


“Accelerating Content Area Gains for English Language Learners,” by Laura Chris Green, Ph.D.

“Teaching Content Subjects to LEP Students: 20 Tips for Teachers,” by Frank Gonzales, Ph.D.

“MIJA Girls Getting Excited about Math: Assessing the Outcomes of the MIJA Program,” A. De Luna and F. Montes

“The Shape of the World, editorial,” J.A. Cárdenas

“What Parents Can Do for Their Children’s Mathematics Learning,” N. Adame-Reyna

“Playtime Is Science Expands in Region VI,” B. Scott

“Technology Uses for Math and Science Learning,” F. Montes

January 1995 IDRA Newsletter


“Bilingual Intelligence Testing,” by José A. Cárdenas, Ed.D.

“The Fourth Generation of Desegregation and Civil Rights,” by Bradley Scott, M.A.

“Assessment and Evaluation of Language Minority Pupils: 20 Years Since Lau vs. Nichols,” A. Cortez

“Children’s Rights and Wrong Rites: Advocacide – A Tale of Almost Losing Courage,” editorial, A. Montemayor

“‘Is Americanization Possible?’ Criticism of Bilingual Education is Based on Myths and Fears,” editorial, E. Weiser Ramírez and J. Yanez-Pastor

“Parent Involvement and Students’ Educational Rights,” M. Symonds

“Throwing a Curve,” editorial, B. Herbert

“20 Years After Lau: In Pursuit of Equity Not Just a Language Response Program,” A.S. Sosa

“Technology and Equity: From Oxymoron to Partnership,” F. Montes