November – December 1998 IDRA Newsletter


The E-Rate and the Battle for Equity in Educational Technology, F. Montes

Making Policy Through the State Board of Education, Editorial, J. Bernal

Retention Fails, but Continues to be Promoted, P. McCollum

Sexual Harassment: Historical Background and Litigation Update, M.A. Yánez

1999 Texas Legislative Session – End of an Era?, A. Cortez and M. Robledo Montecel

October 1998 IDRA Newsletter


Celebrating Teachable Moments, Editorial, A. Cole

Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program Recognized as an Effective Program

IDRA Receives Grant for Teacher Preparation and Leadership Development Program

School-Student Performance and Accountability, J.A. Cárdenas

The State of School Dropouts in Texas Public High Schools, R. Johnson

Systemic Reform and Opportunities with the Schoolwide Vision, J.L. Vigil

Using Public Money for Private Schooling: A Bad Idea for Children, M. Robledo Montecel

Who’s at the Table? Or Is there Room Enough for All?, B. Scott

September 1998 IDRA Newsletter


Education Policy by Public Opinion Polls?, A. Cortez

Faster than a Plymouth: Reflections on the “Opportunity to Learn Standards”, B. Scott

High Achievement Zone: Reform at Work, Editorial, O.E. Chapa

Standards, Assessments and Accountability, A. Cortez

Standards, Tracking and the Reform of Our Public Schools, O.H. Maroney

August 1998 IDRA Newsletter


Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program Students Meet Peers Via Video Conference, L. Cantu and L. López-De La Garza

Creating a Grade Book on the Computer, C. Cavazos

Dr. José A. Cárdenas Awarded Honorary Doctorate from Lehman College

Financial Aid: Challenges and Possibilities for Minority Students, F. Montes

Immigrant Students’ Rights to Attend Public Schools, school opening alert

Integrating Technology into Your Curriculum, J.L. Vigil

Mike the Knife, Editorial, J.A. Cárdenas

June – July 1998 IDRA Newsletter


Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program: Looking for Gifts in All the Right Places, J.D. Supik

Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program Tutors: Gifted Role Models, Editorial, student quotes

IDRA Reaction to Passage of California Proposition 227 (Unz Initiative)

Insights into Gifted and Talented English Language Learners, A.B. Bermúdez and J.A. Márquez

Raising “Will Hunting” – 10 Tips for Parenting Gifted and Talented Children, H. Bauer

Traditional Methods of Identifying Gifted Students Overlooks Many, L. Cantu

May 1998 IDRA Newsletter


Full Pockets, Empty Promises, A. Cortez

Hijas del Quinto Sol: Redefining Feminine Roles through Children’s Literature, J.C. García

Reflections on Equity, Editorial, N. Cantu

Violence in Our Schools, B. Scott

Why Do Girls Drop Out?, A.T. Revilla

Women in Education Fields, Y. Hernández

April 1998 IDRA Newsletter


Child’s Play, Y.F. Hernández

Coming to Grips with Reading Instruction at the Early Grades, C.L. Goodman

Do You Want Your Students to be Readers? All it Takes is 15 Minutes a Day, J. García and H. Bauer

Retrato De Mi Familia: A Portrait of My Hispanic Family, Editorial, R.M. Barrera

Snapping Synapses in the Early Years, B. Scott

March 1998 IDRA Newsletter


A Central Role for Science Education Partnership, Editorial, E. Rodriguez

Effective Math and Science Instruction – The Project Approach for LEP Students, J.L. Vigil

How Do I WOW You? Let Me Count the Ways…, A.A. Romero

Make No Mistake – The Goal is Equity, B. Scott

Power Tools for Math and Science Education, Part I, L.C. Green

“Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…” Gender Inequities in Mathematics, A.T. Revilla

Texas Prefreshman Engineering Program: Filling the Pipeline for Workforce Diversity, M.P. Berriozábal

What is the Matter with Math Scores?, C. Seeley

February 1998 IDRA Newsletter


A Call From Beyond, Editorial, L. Jackson

Creative Educational Opportunities for Migrant Students, A. Villarreal and A.T. Revilla

1997 Exemplary Migrant Students

Migrant Students and the Influence of Teachers, F. Gonzales

Schools As Communities of Learners: An Initiative Toward Creating Democratic Education, A.T. Revilla

January 1998 IDRA Newsletter


Bilingual Education Under Attack: Misconceptions Fuel the Fire, A.A. Romero

EETNet Institute: Building Technology Planning Endurance, The, M. Guhlin

Effective Implementation of Bilingual Programs: Reflections from the Field, A. Villarreal and A. Solís

Evaluating Title VII Programs: An Update of Biennial Evaluations, J.D. Supik

The Innovation of Bilingual Education, Editorial, J.A. Cárdenas

Showcasing Exemplary Instructional Practices in Bilingual and ESL Classrooms, A. Solís

Who is Teaching the Children? More Trained Bilingual Teachers are Needed for Excellent Education, O.H. Maroney