November-December 2000 IDRA Newsletter – Policy


Nine Priorities for Public Education Policy Reforms in Texas, M. Robledo Montecel and A. Cortez

Partnerships Facilitate Educational Access and Opportunity for Latino Youth, R. Rodríguez, A. Villarreal, and R. R. Rodríguez

Do We Lose Ourselves When We Lose Our Language? Why Care About Language Recapture, H. Bauer

October 2000 IDRA Newsletter – Dropout Prevention


TEA’s School Leaver Codes: The Rest of the Story, R.L. Johnson

Attrition Rates in Texas Public High Schools: 1999-00 Study Results, R.L. Johnson

IDRA Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program – Model Dropout Prevention Program

Fulfilling a Commitment to Small, Rural and Remote Districts, B. Scott

September 2000 IDRA Newsletter – Leadership in Diversity


Carrying Out Our New Promise, A.M. Montemayor

Equity Challenges Continue, B. Scott and J.D. Cortez

Math and Science Curriculum Excerpt: “Minority Women in Science: Forging the Way” – Marianita Chee’s Story

Immigrant Students’ Rights to Attend Public Schools, National Coalition of Advocates for Students

School Opening Alert: Immigrant Students’ Rights to Attend Public Schools

August 2000 IDRA Newsletter – Educational Pipeline


Development Through Engagement: Valuing the “At-Promise” Community, R. Rodríguez and A. Villarreal

A Note to Say “Thank You”, B. Scott

Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program – Another Success Story, J.D. Cortez

June-July 2000 IDRA Newsletter – Parents and Communities


Valued Parent Leadership, A.M. Montemayor and A.A. Romero

Parents Are the Best Advocates, A.A. Romero

Bridging the Gap Between Schools and Families: A Family Friendly Approach, A.M. Foxworth

Project Alianza – Second Year Milestone, J.D. Cortez

May 2000 IDRA Newsletter – Equity and Excellence


Bridging the Digital Divide in Our Schools – Achieving Technology Equity for All Students, L.C. Green

Sticks and Stones – What Words Are to Self-Esteem, R. López del Bosque

April 2000 IDRA Newsletter – Early Childhood


Making a Difference for Children – Comprehensive Centers Network, J.D. Cortez, M.A.

Are Computers Appropriate in the Early Childhood Classroom?: A Case for Cyberkinder, H. Bauer, M.A.

Teaching Limited-English-Proficient Students through the Arts, J.L. Rodríguez

March 2000 IDRA Newsletter – Accountability


Why Better Isn’t Enough: A Closer Look at TAAS Gains, A. Cortez

Math and Science Get C+ on Report Card on Gender Equity, National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education

February 2000 IDRA Newsletter – Excellence Requires Equity


We Should Not Kid Ourselves: Excellence Requires Equity, B. Scott

Equity Principles and School Reform: What it Takes to Ensure that All Means All, A. Solís

TAAS Ruling Troubling, M. Robledo Montecel

January 2000 IDRA Newsletter – Bilingual Education


Musical Chairs and Unkept Promises, M. Robledo Montecel

The ENLACE Initiative: Strengthening Communities, Increasing Opportunity, Fostering Success, O.H. Maroney

Parent Leaders in Schools, R. López del Bosque

Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act: Much Debate But Little Movement, A. Cortez

When I Become a Teacher…, E. López

Program Evaluation and Title VII Programs: Some Guiding Ideas, A. Solís

Why is it Important to Maintain the Native Language?, National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education