November-December 2006 IDRA Newsletter – Public Policy

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Upcoming 2007 Texas Legislative Session – Key Issues and Expectations, by A. Cortez

Knowledge and Action – From Dropping Out to Holding On, by M. Robledo Montecel

The Texas Dropout Saga – 23 Years and Counting…, by J.D. Cortez and A. Cortez

Fulfilling the Promise of Mendez and Brown – Implications for Leadership, by R.G. Rodríguez and A. Villarreal

October 2006 IDRA Newsletter – School Holding Power

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Time to Make High School Graduation the New Minimum, by M. Robledo Montecel

Texas Public School Attrition Study, 2005-06 – Gap Continues to Grow, by R.L. Johnson

Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program – Strengthening Student Connections with School, by L. Cantú

Texas School Holding Power – Past, Present and Future, by J.D. Cortez

Averaged Freshman Graduation Rate – A New Measure of On-Time School Completion, by R.L. Johnson

Guidelines for a School Holding Power Program Design, by A. Villarreal

September 2006 IDRA Newsletter – Student Success

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Coca-Cola Valued Youth College Tours – On the Road to College Success, by L. Posner

Study Shows that Model Learning Community Bears Fruit for Young Children, by F. Montes

Unmasking Gender Bias – Observing Hidden Dimensions that Affect Student Achievement, by K. Grayson

August 2006 IDRA Newsletter – Community Engagement

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Taking Action on a Promise, B. Scott and R.G. Rodríguez

Perspectives on the Texas Legislature’s Latest School Funding Plan, by A. Cortez

Casting the Net: Technology and Public Engagement in School Reform?, by L. Posner

Why IDRA Prints the “School Opening Alert” Every Year

Immigrant Students’ Rights to Attend Public Schools

Principal Shares Successes in Parent Involvement, R. López del Bosque

June – July 2006 IDRA Newsletter – Governance Efficacy

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Accessing Policies for Success of Minority Children, by A. Cortez and A. Villarreal

Facilitating a Vision for Technology Integration, by H. Bojorquez

The Bilingual Education Collaborating Alliance – Lessons Learned from an Accelerated Teacher Preparation Program, by A. Solís and R. Rodríguez

May 2006 IDRA Newsletter – Teaching Quality

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Teachers Leading Teachers, by A.M. Montemayor

Quality Professional Development Creates “Classrooms of Excellence,” by J.L. Rodríguez

Teachers Pressing for Quality Teaching – Lessons from Content Teachers of English Language Learners, by J. Dieckmann

A Call to All Texans – Increase School Holding Power: Inform, Connect, Act

Tools for Creating and Evaluating the Rigor and Quality of Alternative Route Certification Programs, by A. Solís

April 2006 IDRA Newsletter – Curriculum Quality

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Re-Invigorating Math Curricula, by K. Brown

IDRA’s Transitions Project – Promoting Excellence in Teaching through a Highly Qualified Teaching Force, by L. Cantú and A. Solís

March 2006 IDRA Newsletter – Student Engagement

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Making Math Real for Students, by K. Brown

E-ruption! Bridging Language and Technology – Educational Leadership Across Generations, by A.M. Montemayor

Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program Launches in Detroit – Community Leaders Breakfast and Tutoring Demonstration Held

February 2006 IDRA Newsletter – Fair Funding

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The Texas Supreme Court Ruling in West Orange-Cove vs. Neeley: A Decision Neither Adequate nor Equitable, by A. Cortez

The Impact of Focused Educational Assistance, by B. Scott

Texas Supreme Court Misses the Point – Texas Must Provide Equity and Excellence for All Students, by M. Robledo Montecel

Texans for Fair Funding – Principles for Fair Funding

MALDEF Decries Latest Decision of Texas Supreme Court – Ruling Abandons Low-wealth Districts and Upholds Glaring Inequities in the School Finance System, by Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund

January  2006 IDRA Newsletter – Building School Capacity

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Strengthening Schools’ “Immune Systems” to Fight Mediocrity and Failure, by A. Villarreal

The STAR Center: 10 Years of Making a Difference, by J.D. Cortez and A. Cortez

Gulf Coast States Educators Meeting – Educating Students Displaced by the Recent Hurricanes, by J.D. Cortez

Resources for States Affected by the Recent Hurricanes