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IDRA Classnotes Podcast gives insight and strategies for serving today’s diverse student population
San Antonio (February 27, 2008) – IDRA Classnotes is a twice monthly, award-winning podcast for people who care about excellent and equitable education for all children. Produced by the non-profit Intercultural Development Research Association, the free podcast gives insight and strategies for serving today’s diverse student population in order to provide them an excellent and equitable education through to graduation.
The Classnotes podcast is designed for public school teachers and administrators. Each episode focuses on a topic specific to improving public education in the United States.
A podcast is an audio file that can be listen to from a computer or through a Mp3 player or iPod. Podcast listeners like the fact that they can play and pause their podcast programs whenever they want.

Topics have included: Valuing Families in Children’s Education, Access to Higher Levels of Mathematics, Fostering Gender Equity in the Classroom, Good Schools for Children Learning English, School Holding Power for Every Child, the U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Race, Engaging Parents in Education, and Science in Early Childhood Bilingual Classrooms.

There are several ways to access the Classnotes podcast, including listening from IDRA’s web site or subscribing through iTunes or another online podcast directory. The advantage of subscribing is that a free service like iTunes automatically downloads chosen podcasts as soon as they are released.

Listeners can also subscribe to IDRA’s free e-mail alert that notifies them when a new episode is available (about twice a month).

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Contact: Christie L. Goodman, APR, at IDRA, 210-444-1710;

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