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Pitfalls and Promises of Interactive Science Notebooks – Podcast Episode 79 | Classnotes Podcast 79

Dr. Bradley ScottClassnotes Podcast (October 15, 2010) Assessments show that many students are not able to demonstrate application of science content. But teachers can use interactive notebooks to enhance their students’ interaction with the curriculum as they reflect and build academic knowledge. This strategy can be particularly powerful for English learners as they practice writing about science and sharing their learning with other students. Veronica Betancourt , M.A., an IDRA education associate and developer of IDRA’s Science Smart! model, discusses the power of interactive science notebooks in the classroom, how to integrate the strategy in the school, and ways administrators can support their success.

Veronica is interviewed by and Bradley Scott, Ph.D., director of the IDRA South Central Collaborative for Equity.

Show length: 13:17

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Show Notes

  • Veronica explains how interactive notebooks can strengthen the learning of science content, and why they should be used daily.

  • Veronica discusses the emerging push toward interactive notebooks, and how they have been integrated into statewide and national educational standards.

  • Veronica shares how interactive notebooks enhance students' classroom interaction and help build on previous knowledge.

  • Veronica argues that interactive notebooks enable teachers to "let go of the idea of teacher-centered classrooms."

  • Veronica addresses some of the potential pitfalls of interactive notebooks.

  • Veronica explains how interactive notebooks can specifically benefit English learners.

  • Veronica explains why students need time to write and speak the language of the classroom in a more academic context, rather than just a social context.

  • Veronica considers the role of administrators in supporting teachers' use of interactive notebooks in the classroom.