• By Chloe Latham Sikes, Ph.D., & Irene Gomez, Ed.M. • Knowledge is Power • February, 2022 •

Students in Georgia testified last week against House Bill 1084, a classroom censorship bill that will hinder schools from creating environments where all students feel accepted and valued.

“Many students in Georgia were taught a white-washed version of history… We need to make sure teachers are better equipped to teach on things like race.”

– James Wilson, Georgia Youth Justice Coalition

“This great state is rooted in some very dark history that is important for us to learn.”

– Jordan Madden, Georgia Youth Justice Coalition

“Hiding their history is discarding what history truly is… the purpose of history is to learn from it and what to do in the future to prevent it.”

– Joshua Anthony, Georgia Youth Justice Coalition

Hear more in IDRA’s video gallery that showcases students testifying against classroom censorship.

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