• IDRA Newsletter • March 1996 • 

The Women of NASA

was developed to encourage more young women to pursue science and math based fields. Goals include providing as role models women who have succeeded and continue to thrive in a high-tech environment. Also provides a resource where students, teachers and others can access information related to gender equity issues in education.

No girls allowed

discusses gender equity in technology and provides facts on reasons girls are often turned away from technology and describes actions that can be taken to promote girls’ use of technology. Also gives teaching strategies and information on technology programs for girls.

Women in Mathematics (WIM)

provides an electronic newsletter and home page with information and links on women in mathematics, computer science, physics and engineering.

Women in Sciences and Engineering

offers a collection of facts, figures and articles on women in sciences.

Cybergirl Webstation

provides links to fun and interesting things on the Internet.

Women and Minorities

in Science and Engineering offers links to related organizations, information sites, documents and profiles.

Minorities in the Sciences

provides a guide to reference sources including directories of people, government statistics and reports, biographies and curriculum materials.

Other On-line Resources on Gender Equity


is a list where teachers, parents, researchers and others can discuss gender and education, especially in kindergarten through 12th grade. Topics may include gender issues for schools and in the kindergarten through 12th grade curriculum; gender equity; gender identity formation; gender and health; and similar topics. To subscribe, send the message: “subscribe GENED”.


is designed for professional women in computer science. Topics vary, but include introductions, job listings, book reviews, discrimination, “what should I do?” situations, and setting up Systers meetings at conferences. It is also a place to organize efforts to change or influence politics affecting women in computer science. To subscribe, fill out the web form.


is a student-oriented version of the SYSTERS list (see above). It is for female graduate and undergraduate students in computer science. To subscribe, send a brief introduction to explaining why you would like to join (or asking for more information).


exists to help members of Women and Mathematics keep in touch and share information. To subscribe, send the message “subscribe WAM”.


is a list for women in science, mathematics and engineering. Send subscription messages to listserv@uicvm (Bitnet) or (Internet).

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