Services for Educators

Coaching and Mentoring for Schoolwide Success – Services

IDRA’s school improvement coaches work with district and campus leadership teams to help them polish their own skillsets that lead to effective delivery of high-quality deeper learning and evidence-based instruction. Leaders can create a space to examine their leadership skills, develop competencies, and take practical steps to raise student academic achievement through reflective practices. IDRA’s coaching and mentoring is aligned to the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, grounded in current research and the real-life experiences of educational leaders to meet the needs of schools and students.

What IDRA can do for you:

  • Leading change with a sense of urgency
  • Reflection, collaboration and action with a lens for social justice and equity
  • Core coaching competencies and building trust
  • Examining patterns of practice, current data, school climate and culture
  • Recognizing strengths within the school community
  • Prioritizing areas to have the greater impact on teacher and student success
  • Reflection around formative and summative assessments

IDRA’s Coaching and Mentoring Team

IDRA has provided coaching and mentoring support to district leaders across the country. All of our work rests on an unwavering commitment to creating self-renewing schools led by educators that value and promote the success of students of all backgrounds.

Schools that have received coaching and mentoring assistance and support from IDRA have achieved full accreditation status and were no longer rated as “Improvement Required” schools.