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Meeting the challenges set by school leaders, districts and states requires establishing a college-going culture where the expectation is that all students should enroll in college compatible courses in high school, have opportunities to experience dual credit courses, be college ready and college connected upon high school graduation. IDRA has developed a professional development program designed to assist administrators and teachers to create a college going environment, enhance their curriculum to make courses college compatible for advanced placement and dual credit, and prepare teachers and support staff to enhance their instruction with the rigor and relevance required for college credit.

Why be concerned about college readiness?

It is a legislative mandate…
College and career readiness standards in the areas of English/language arts, mathematics, science and social studies are being set at the state policy level.

 It is a national imperative….
The National Governors’ Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers agreed to develop and maintain consistent goals for student learning that fully prepares students to be successful in college or in the workforce.

 It provides a unique challenge for schools with diverse students…
A review of the literature confirms a persistent achievement gap between the percentage of minority and non-minority students who enroll in college and graduate. Our challenge is to increase our expectations, access and academic achievement for all students to ensure they succeed in college. This will require systemic change along the P-20 educational pipeline.

IDRA’s approach

IDRA is an independent, private non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening public schools to work for all children. We are committed to the IDRA valuing philosophy, respecting the knowledge and skills of the individuals we work with and build on the strengths of the students and parents in their schools. IDRA incorporates research-based strategies to prepare students academically to meet college readiness standards and promote successful transitions from high school to college. IDRA strives to create a campus-wide instructional vision that accepts no excuses for failure while empowering classroom teachers, students and parents in building a learning community and college-going culture. Our experienced staff enhances interaction with school leaders, teachers, parents and community members through workshops, video conferences, lesson demonstrations, classroom observations, online/web cam discussions and reflections, debriefing sessions and face-to-face coaching and mentoring.

See IDRA’s College Bound and Determined report profiling what happens when a school district raises expectations for students instead of lowering them.

IDRA can  help you create a school college-going culture that becomes a model for equity

  • IDRA has worked with schools implementing successful early college programs and can share those experiences with your schools.
  • We are establishing a network of successful high schools with early college programs, particularly those serving culturally and linguistically diverse students.
  • IDRA provides an evaluation on the effects of the professional development program on curriculum and teacher practice changes, student outcomes and recommendations for improvements.
  • We will work collaboratively to customize a technical assistance and training plan for schools that are already implementing an early college program or for those in the process of adjusting their courses and instruction to meet the requirements of the Texas Success Initiative.

IDRA has a comprehensive professional development model and can provide training and technical assistance that…

  • Helps administrators and community members promote a college-going culture and organize their school into college-focused small learning communities to strengthen the delivery of a rigorous curriculum;
  • Guides teachers and other staff to infuse college readiness competencies into the curriculum and instruction and capitalizes the use of technology;
  • Provides presentations, workshops, work sessions,  summer institutes, and coaching and mentoring services for teachers that address the alignment of curriculum, best practices and rigorous content instruction, student support systems for college preparatory coursework and effective community partnership and engagement;
  • Provides training of trainer sessions to prepare support staff to work with teachers implementing college compatible courses;
  • Partners with counselors to implement culturally responsive academic advising strategies (for example, exploring careers, job shadowing, career presentations, college field trips, and portfolios);
  • Helps administrators to catalyze collaboration with community colleges and universities in the area;
  • Guides school personnel in partnering with communities, families and parents in designing and running college-going activities; and
  • Provides other support activities at the request of the school, such as an early college dropout recovery program and an extended 13-14 early college years.

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