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IDRA Re-energizing Leadership to Achieve Greater Student Success Project

IDRA’s Re-energizing Leadership to Achieve Greater Student Success project will transform instruction schoolwide using promising practices to strengthen student learning and build school-community collaboration.

Promising Practices

  • Master Teachers to Become Principals – Participating school districts will select, prepare and certify master teachers as principals focusing on diverse campuses serving minority high-need students.
  • Leadership Team Training – The leadership team of the participating schools will receive collaborative professional development that fosters shared collective responsibility for systemic effectiveness and student learning. Working with current principals and leadership team members together is a powerful way of developing collective administrative efficacy.
  • Coaching – Coaching services aimed at improving systemic effectiveness and learning will be provided to the leadership team members and master teachers individually and as a group. Few effective leadership development models, if any, integrate the services of a leadership coach who practices effective individualized and group coaching strategies.

The project’s roadmap to success involves the collaboration of project staff in (1) preparing 25 new principals from a pool of highly qualified master teachers, (2) supporting 139 current principals and leadership team members in eight focused diverse schools with a combination of professional development activities that carry nine semester hours of university credit including individual and group coaching, and (3) implementing established practices to improve achievement of high-need students.

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